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General Discussion / Re: I am taking a Class
March 09, 2006, 06:23:28 pm
Wow... what a cool subject to get credit for... I would just say that even though the class is ending, keep your study of it moving forward.  I love the concept, to paraphrase, "you are what you focus on".
   I am new here and not a very good guitar player (yet) but my other life acomplishments are pretty cool. I think it worked out that way because I focused on the brighter and less dark ways in this strange world.
   When I was in college Carlos Castenada was all the rage. Recently I read Graham Hancock\'s new book "Supernatural".  This guy goes some unique places with history and shamanism.  
    given the limited amount we think we use our brain, it would not surprise me if most of the real creativity was going on in places in there that we had not previously considered.  
Hi I am new; I suppose its customary to introduce ones self, and say hi.  "hi" Nice to be here...
     I eventually figure things out...

I have a great baby picture of the family "Buckethead," If I could figure out how to post, it I would...

it might be aptly named "Bucketseed".
how about
Leaky bucket?
I was wondering if anyone has picked out the Buckethead/Viggo piece "Sunrise" on "Please Tommorrow"?   ::) or if you know of any tabs for it?

Its a nice piece. I probably shouldn\'t destroy it by trying to play it, but what the hey... Buckethead will probably never know.