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This is awesome news all around Travis!  If for some insane reason this doesn't make it to 300 pre-orders, please let us know.  I'd be willing to buy more copies if it meant I could get Axiology on vinyl!

I know that I personally as well as many others have really appreciated your dedication over the years and the special attention you have paid to the fans. 

Now I'm gonna guy try to get others to order this as well!


Long time between posts for me, but this prospect has me excited beyond words.

Axiology is my favorite Buckethead involved album ever, and a top 5 album of all time easily for me.

I would certainly buy at least 1 vinyl copy.

I also had a friend ask me today about Axiology on CD.  I told him to do whatever he had to do to get a copy.  Any chance to get this on vinyl would be amazing.  Just give me a target to throw money at!!

Thanks again for all of the great work over the years!
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