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i think it was 999.

 :o :o ;D
thanks again travis for you patience and dedication to this massive project. much appreciated!!  ;D

i don\'t blame you bots for being anxious, it\'s a very special set.
received my insearchofthe set today in the mail.

thanks soooo much travis, u still the man!!
thx again for the info travis, u the man!!
thanks travis!!
waiting isn\'t the problem here, its the anticipation!!
travis, thanks soo much for your dedication and willingness to take on such a project. i\'m sure we will all be as patient as we can.  ;) i can\'t wait to receive mine in the mail, and see what number i have, the covers, the new songs, you know. but i\'ll wait as long as needed.

also thanks for keeping us soo up to date with all of the madness, tdrsmusic really is something special, and everytime i read ur posts, u just back it up 100%.

travis ur the man!!
Travis, everything going smooth with the insearchofthe sets, or is crazy hectic at tdrsmusic??

feel free to vent, i\'m sure its a tedious project.
congrats on another successful binge.

any real problems or pretty smooth??
smoth i\'m sure, u the man travis, thx again.

i don\'t understand this, personally.

For one, if you get a limited ed CD, then it\'s actually signed by one of the most elusive artists to ever release an album. That\'s what you\'re paying for really, and if you think about it, $25\'s for Death Cube K to sign (and even number!) a cd is actually inexpensive. We\'re one of only 400 bots that will probably ever own a DCK autograph. To actually have it on one of his discs is priceless.

With that said, what good is it to take it to a show and have it signed by Buckethead? Buckethead didn\'t have anything to do with that record...he probably wouldn\'t recognize that record, it may seem vague and distant though..like some sort of dream ;)

good explanation  ;)
thx again travis, will do.
like i said at the .tk

yeah it sux, but the people unlawfully downloading material are not getting the actual set. i\'m getting 13 individually numbered cd cases that are drawn on by b himself, i\'d pay a $1000 for that, and thats with no music, lol. it just sux for b, cuz thats his art and soul being downloaded for free. but those people can never have what the people who bought it have.
cuz todays my birthday!!
i just ordered mine, and i already love it, and its still at tdrs!!