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i was just over at the .tk and i\'m shocked and upset someone would go that far to get something that would of eventually been up on the site.
thanks for the last couple days travis, been fun.
intelligence failure is awesome!!
and please tomorrow is pretty cool.
vol. 10, track 3
vol. 1, track 5
vol. 2, track 5
just picked up CS 2
happy holidays everyone.

this is a great place, been here since inbred mountain, long live TDRS!!!
covington kentucky is right across the river and pretty much an extended part of cincinnatti, ohio. which is the home of king records, james brown main label. plus bootsy was born and raised in cincy and still lives there, and he put the show on.

they weren\'t bell bottoms or denim, just blue dress pants.
a week from today is shipping!!  :P 8)

cyborg slunks, there is already a slot for you, wating to be filled.

you\'ve got to be crazy if you think that cd will go anywhere under $40, possibly way higher.
even bigger than isot and pepper\'s, jeez.

thanks travis for all the dedication u show, cd after cd.
ur the shiite.
the highest i\'ve seen so far is #385
blueprints - #77

and it\'s even in blue!!
limited all the way. i will now own all 3 limited sets released this year.

thx travis, again for these great unique products, that i think is turning the art of selling music upside down!!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Do you think?
September 17, 2007, 08:02:39 pm
it all depends on how you look at it.

improvising is different than writing a riff. i\'m sure he remembers alot, but some stuff i don\'t think if he even knows how he came up with it.
QuoteI didn\'t like BucketheadLand 2 just to let you guys know.


bhland II will get better. i to at first did not like it very much, but it\'s just a different listen.

as for advice on next purchase, that\'s tough. i got both this week, i personally would get blueprints first, but that might not be what you want.
was worried when i seen the forum down, glad everything is back up and running for everyone.