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News on the net today is that the 1986 Transformers movie soundtrack is getting a 20th anniversary treatment.


What I would like to know if this is the origional single CD version, or will this become the Double disc special that was only for sale at the Botcon in the US?

I\'m hoping for the last option cause that the only Disc to my collection from Vince DiCola that I\'m still missing. There\'s nothing better then the real thing so I\'m hoping that this comes with a complete package with booklet.

Dear Vince... do you know if this will become available here at TDRS?

Have a nice weekend and thank you very much in advance.

Niels Berndsen
Well... several things have happend since I visited this message board. My computer broke down with a nasty virus  :( plus a simple reinstallment went bad. >:( So I had to start from scratch.

But I\'m back again and was checking out to see if anything has happend here. Now I\'ve heard from Travis that Vince is very busy on making a new CD... if I recall perhaps even two... but I don\'t want to disturb him by asking....... yet I\'m so curious in hearing his new work. ;D

I hope to hear news soon  ;). Oh... and on speaking of news, for Vince I\'d like to say that my keyboard teacher has shown interest in your work, your past and your projects. I\'ve let him hear several of your songs including "Far from over".

Well... I wish you god speed and cheers.

Niels Berndsen
Although Firefox is a good browser... sometimes it glitches a bit... it\'s the one browser I always use. But Internet Explorer is also working fine here.
Isn\'t there a way to "Ghost" the server, or put it in image mode in order to send those sicko\'s into the forest instead of  causing havoc on this message board? I\'m in the middle of a Comptia Network + Course... maybe there\'s a way I can help out? Please do let me know.

Greetings and good luck, Niels Berndsen a.k.a. Mix Master
Hello Vince.

Thank you very much for writing. Travis told me that at the moment you are very busy with new recordings. I\'m amazed that you\'ve found time to write back :).

The way you discribe the new upcoming movie is perfect. Indeed the word on the net has been in some uproar cause of all the leaked images and negative comment it received from allot of die-hard fans. With the trailer I was somewhat convinced, but I have to see the movie in total to put a final verdict on it. The lines spoken from the first TF movie... "Guilty or Innocent?" certainly come to mind here.  ;)

As for your music... yes, I do not only listen to your music, but I also study it. I try to imagine how you play the key\'s, what technique you use, which sound is best suited for a perticular song, etc. etc.

Well... I do hope that the chance for you remains on your score reaching out to Mister S. Spielberg. Each time when people mention the animated movie, people always mention your music to. If the possibility comes that the CD will be available here, I would welcome that with open arms for sure. I would like to know how the voice of Rick Livingstone sounds like. All that I\'ve heard so far are you\'re voice, Allice Hall\'s, Stan Bush and the one from the song "far from over", which is an amazing song to me, but I can\'t recall his name.

From this point I\'m crossing fingers in the hope you\'ll be the choise for the soundtrack of the movie. It wouldn\'t be the same without your sound in it. Also good luck with the \'other\' recordering. I\'m going to keep an close eye on the site when it comes out.

Good luck and cheers from Niels Berndsen
Hello Vince.

I\'ve been listening to your recordings on the CD\'s that I bought and lately something has drawn my interest to a certain suite you wrote. It\'s the "Castle of the Gods" Suite / Five Movements and "Castle of the Gods" Theme Variation.

Now I\'m not sure if someone else has made a topic about this... actually I\'m hoping I\'m the first.  ;D Anyway... with all the hype on the internet amongst Transformer fans about the movie and all, I myself have began to show more and more interest in my previous fascination in the Transformers again.

Listening to your music and especially the two song\'s named here above, made me wonder. On the back of the CD "Falling of a Clef... " you wrote that you where asked by Glen Hallit to write some new Transformer like songs, but sadly you where prohibited in this quest.

This made me think when listening to the Five Movements suite... Let me first tell you my vision of this suite.

Movement no. 1

I\'m falling asleep... but within seconds I reopen my eyes and I find myself out in space, traveling away from Earth, past Mars, Jupiter and Saturn... away from our Solarsystem into Deep Space. I fly through fast clouds of interstellar dust particles... I see stars never before seen and when I finally fly through a Red coloured Nebula and appear on the other end of it...  I eventually see that what I\'ve been hoping to find... Cybertron.

Movement no. 2

I see Cybertron as a Dark, gleaming metallic sphere at first... but with each passing mile I come closer to it, it becomes more and more a living planet of unbelievable technological features. I\'m flying over the service and suddenly realise what all this years of war between the Decepticons and Autobot\'s have done to this planet. I see huge structures in ruins, totally oblitorated villages, landscapes filled with smocking holes of recent battles lost. In the distance I see smoke rising and light\'s of Industries.........

Movement no. 3

.... I\'m now passing the industrial and most mysterious side of the planet. Enormous factory\'s and plants below me. I see... the creatures, the inhabitants of this planet being build, constructed and getting form... and live. This must be what being born as a machine must be about. Live starts for them in a way that for us humans can\'t be discribed.

Movement no. 4

Suddenly an edge appears... a deep valley of metal, pipes, wires, beams... and I\'m falling deeper and deepr into the hart of Cybertron. Around me it become darker and colder. Looking up... I realise I can\'t go back... all my efforts in doing so are in vain. The only way to get past this is to go on my way. It becomes dark and Darker. the noise of the surface fades away.....

Movement no.5

A speck of light appears in fron of me... getting bigger faster. Suddenly I\'m appear in a city From now where... light\'s surround me... I feel watched as I\'m in the middle of a large citadel... it\'s Iacon, home of the Autobot\'s. As my feet touch the Cybertron\'s ground... giant creatures towering above me... look down on me with glowing blue eyes, but they ignore me... Not that they don\'t show any interest, but more because they are drawn towards the horison of their planet... they know it\'s that time again... to fight, evil, to fight for freedom, to fight for what is right and stop the wrong. It\'s their way of life.. it\'s their programming. Like with us humans, our gene\'s are that what a program is to a Transformer.

Now with the Theme version it all becomes very clear that this theme was aimed to be a Transformers theme. The unique sound of a Transformation in progress gives that away. Minor question... did you make that Sound yourself or is that from one of the Cartoon series?

Well... anyway I hope you like my version of what your Suite does to me. Each time I hear it, it inspires me to also start writing music... hm..... but I\'m still on a road far far away from where you are.

vince... good luck with future projects and greetings and cheers from me.

Niels Berndsen
Hey man, that was awesome. and it Rocks.  8) ( This is what Autobot Jazz would say for sure)

Love the China Symbol\'s sound on the drums. How many guitars or takes did you use? I would like to give you a little bit of recording advise though. I think this recording of yours would be even more awesome if you would throw some spatial stereo in the guitar parts or simply split the parts up into a left and right seperated channel. That way you\'ll create more dimension and effect in the song.

But that choise, I\'m leave it up to you. But for the rest... it is smashing and rockin\' song and I like it.
Hello Vince.

It\'s great to hear from you again and with such great and exciting news. I\'ll keep my fingers crossed for sure on the Transformer part. I\'ve just been viewing the New trailer in the highest Definition possible and looking at it frame by frame. To see what they did with the Autobot\'s and Decepticons, I could feel that your music will fit perfectly in this movie.

Especially when you play your Transformers 2006 movie suite, that you recently posted here, with this video clip.  I\'ve just done this and it somehow, magically fit\'s right together when you Start playing your song and after 5 seconds you have to start the video on Http://www.transformersmovie.com/main.html . I do hope that this thing will work out.

Further more I would like to wish you and everyone at TDRSmusic a very happy New year and all the best in the year 2007.

Greetings and cheers, Niels Berndsen
Well... since having bought the DPI record "Found Objects", I\'ve been playing this cd in almost any CD-player I could lay my hands on. Simply said... I just love this recording.

Seeing also Vince\'s most favourite bands where Yes and ELP... I thought it would be nice to share some of the good old progressive rock style music.

Recently a phenominal keyboard player by the name Rick van der Linden, from the band Ekseption has passed away. They showed a special on this artist and the band several months ago and I was amazed to see the way that this person played.... not one, not even two... no... some times more then 5 Keyboard stacked above eachother. And the speed that he plays with and glides over the key\'s... it made my jaw drop.

Here are two very old, but very good quality video streams from Youtube.com that I would like to share with you.



Dear Vince... I hope this is something new for you from the old days. I think that this band Ekseption was from that same period as Yes and ELP.

With greetings and best Wishes,

Niels Berndsen
Well Vince... I can say that your name is called allot of times on several message boards. You\'ve made a huge name in the Transformers groups around this planet. Numbers of fans are wondering and hoping that you will also be part of the new movie.

 :) Godspeed and thanks for your reply.

On the internet is now posted that they are releasing a special 20th aniversary version of the Transformers Movie from 1986. (See link: http://www.transformersmovie.com/dvd/index.html )

It\'s a specialized Double DVD box with loads of cool stuff and feature3s like Audio Commentary from the cast and creators, images, extra\'s and games, plus the movie has been totally Digitally restored and enhanced.

Since I\'m still missing one very important item in my Transformer music collection, I wondered if they also will re-release the unique Double Disc Soundtrack from the movie that was brought out during the BotCon conventions in America. I would love so much to have that soundtrack.

Sadly... I don\'t know who really to turn to with this question, then here at TDRSMusic. So I hope that you might be able to help me out with this.

Thank you very much in advance.

It\'s new, it\'s fresh... it\'s SOLID and powerfull... And I noticed that kinda Decepticon theme in it. The evil build up in the music. It sounds like you are playing this with an entire orchestra. Of course my question to you would be how you\'ve pulled this one off... but I know that master will never tell all his secret\'s. Though will this be on any recording in the future.

Good luck with this major project. I\'m off to my keyboard lessons myself now. I hope Mister Michael Bay will put you into the Transformer Movie.

Greetings and cheers from Niels Berndsen
Hello Vince.

Thank you very much for your reply, also for my previous topic \'Lyrics\'. I\'ve just ordered the CD called Thread from this site, so I hope to receive it soon. Well... I\'ve got to get going now... you know work and stuff. Wish you the best with future projects and hope to hear them soon.

Cheers and greetings, Niels Berndsen
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Sheet Music
October 04, 2006, 07:15:19 pm
I\'m not really sure who I need to ask this... Maybe Travis Dickerson or Maybe Vince DiCola.

Since a month I\'m on keyboard lessons and this is all thanks to Vince DiCola and his music. To me his music, projects and movie scores are an inspiration... an endless source of pure audio enjoyment.

It all started back when the Transformers Animated Movie was broadcasted on Dutch TV. Since then I\'ve been searching for his music ever since in many many ways.... yes, I have to be honest... even with the use of programs such as Kazaa Lite.

But since I\'m a musician and I play Electric Guitars, I know what it\'s like to realise that your music has been copied and posted on the internet without asking for permission.

That\'s why I\'m so greatfull for this site and thanks to TDRS Music I\'m now the proud owner of the music made by Vince DiCola.

Though what I would like to ask, if there\'s sheet music available from several songs made by Vince DiCola. OKay... I do realise that Vince is an Artist who\'s been playing music since he was very young... he\'s a Virtuoso on the Keys and a Master of Synthesizers in my eyes. So sheet music would then of course be very very difficult to read from and to play.

Although I realise this very much... I still would like to know if there\'s sheet music from, for example, the song "Fallen Angel" from the album "Falling of a Clef..." (Allot of falling is going on here ;) ) or the song\'s "A day in the Life" and my favourite... "Tic Toc".

Thank you very much in advance.
Niels Berndsen
Hi Everyone.

For some time now I\'m enjoying the Cd\'s I bought here at TDRS Music dot com. Though with the Album called In-Vince-ible, I\'m searching for the lyrics. Does anyone know where I can find them?

thanks in advance. :)