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I\'ve read on www.seibertron.com about his new album and that he\'s been very very busy with it. Check it out.


Although this interview took place last year... November 23rd, 2006, Vince was already mentioning things about this new recording plus something about new sounds or new music as he calls it.

Gosh I can\'t wait till this recording is released. I hope also that Travis Dickerson Recording Studio will look into the future and making DTS Audio disc\'s. Allot of artists are using this technique and I tell you... it opens up everything when you hear your favourite artist in full Digital 5.1 surround sound. ;D
Guess what... Just by typing in the name of DiCola... found me this video on Youtube. It\'s great  8)This is so cool... cause it\'s the first Video of Vince DiCola I\'ve seen.


It looks like he\'s doing also a request to the couple on the left of him. Also read all the reply\'s to this vid. Vince... you\'ve got more, much more fans world wide then you\'ll ever know.

Hey Vince. Great to hear from you and I don\'t blame you for any late response. Travis told me how bussy you are right now with your new album.

About T-square.... I never knew that you played more then one album with them, but these guys are great.... and very very good news... I found a HIFI store who sell all sort of CD\'s and they are going to order this CD for me. I hope it arrives before I go on wintersport. To put it on my I-pod and hitting the slopes with the music I love.

Greetings and cheers, Niels Berndsen, Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands, Europe
Hey Mantisaur.

I just read your topic and like you I\'m a huge Dicola fanatic. Could you profide me with a link to that disc. I mean is there a webpage somewhere to be found. If you say about the music what you\'ve written down here. I want to hear this too. Hope to see your reply here soon.

Thanks in advance. :)

I\'ve just found several small samples of what you are talking about on  http://www.doaneperrypage.de/t-square-plus.htm and MAN... does it sound good or what. Where did you say you bought this record?
Hey... that tune.... I\'ve been listening to it what you mean... it sounds very very simular to the famous Unicron theme Vince made for the Animated Transformers movie from 1986. The beat follows the same patern as the Unicron theme does.

I think you might have got something there. Good find.
Hi infintium.

Hey I\'m also a huge DiCola fan myself. What I would like to ask you if this perticular piece your talking about is on Youtube? I\'ve been searching and trying to figure out what part of the movie this is.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Release date.
October 28, 2007, 06:17:39 pm
Dear Travis.

I know that Vince is very busy on the new "Thread" album, but I would like to know if a release date has been mentioned on this new album.

Thank you very much in advance.
Here a clip I found of a band called Next Of Kin playing 1 theme from the Transformers Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Vince DiCola. This sounds cool.  8)


But to be honest, I would love to see Vince Perform LIVE though.
I\'m finding it very sad to see many artists here on tdrs music not really getting known around the world. Even for my favourite artist Vince DiCola i had hoped for him to be standing along side great Synthesizer and keyboard artists like Jan Hammer, Vangelis, Kitaro and Jean Michel Jarre. Well.. for me he is the best. I like his style in music and the way he plays.
Now that is something I would like to know to. Especially in the part "Their Darkest Hour", between time code 1:18 and 1:35. That guitar part really smashes it and I noticed some kind of Mike Oldfield technique, if I\'m not mistaken in 1:32 till 1:35.

Love to know who plays the six string there.

Also Vince... when will Thread come back with a new CD?

Greetings, Niels Berndsen
Hi Bigniles.

I\'ve asked this perticular question before and received a reply from Vince himself that there wasn\'t any. Trust me... I\'ve been searching everywhere for sheet music, cause I\'m a learning keyboard player myself and would love nothing more to be playing Vince\'s masterpieces.

I hope you\'ll succeed though. good luck from a fellow fan.
Kinda by accident I stumbled upon a piece... a clip from a movie with the music made by Vince DiCola. I would like to share it with you all.


Vince... I hope to see your new work out soon. Travis told me about a certain project you where working on and... well.. I\'m kinda curious. I\'ve already ordered the 20th anniversary version of the 1986 Transformers the movie CD. I hope it arrives soon.

Do you perhaps also know if, what you mentioned some time ago... that material that was send to the makers of the new Transformer movie, will be out on CD too? I sure would like to buy that too.

Well.. I hope to hear from you soon. It\'s been very quiet here on the tdrs boards... so I take it that you are very bussy.  :) Good luck and cheers from your fan overseas.

Niels Berndsen
I hope Vince DiCola has seen this.
His recent recorded Transformers 2006 score, done with Kenny Meriedeth, has been used by master animation artist Michael Smith. In a response to the upcoming movie the Transformers, he has made this.


Wauw  :o. To be asked by the people at SONY themself\'s. This is big... very big. Amazing news Vince. Congratulations. As I\'ve said before... I do not only listen to your music... I study it... better yet... I explore it. Trying to find out how it was made... to see in my mind which instrument is cued. For me... it\'s very fascinating.

I guess that sometimes it comes in an artist\'s life that his or her work won\'t be choosen for a certain project. Too bad though... but I hope... as they\'ve said that there will be sequals to this first upcoming movie, that you will be choosen again. After all, they\'ve got your submitted material now.

Thanks for this great great news... this really makes my day. Greetings from over seas and good luck Vince.
Well... according to the info The release is scheduled for May 29th so I will keep a very close eye on this subject. After having bought all of Vince´s other records, I still am missing that double Disc that was sadly only for sale at the BotCon. I hope so much that it´s that one.

Also have heard that the material send to Paramount for the Next Transformer movie might also be put on CD, but it´s not certain yet... but nevertheless that would Rock. I love that Transformer 2006 theme Vince Made.