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Travis posted this link himself, so all credit and kudo\'s go to him. ;) Either Left click and listen to the song, or right click and save as.... Enjoy... this song is Rocking.
The song I already knew. Downloaded is a couple of months ago... but a complete video clip... this is awesome. I love it... and yes... I want more.

This is a great find Sportee
Didn\'t Buckethead also played a while with the bass player and singer from Primus?
I\'ve got a question for Vince DiCola.

Since I came to know and Vince DiCola, I\'ve been collecting for so far almost every record there is in the shop from Vince.

Though I\'ve noticed something about several pieces of music, that made me very curious to know more about a certain piece... or better said certain part of those songs.

The part that I mean is within the song "Concerto" on the "In Vince Ible" Album, from time marker 02:22 till 03:15... it\'s in the song "A.P.B." from the album "Falling off a Cleff...", time marker 03:15 till 04:15, It\'s also in the song the "Hidden Track" of the CD "The Protoform Sessions" Time Marker 09:20 till 10:22. If I may missed out some other songs, where this perticular part of music is hidden, please let me know.

I would love to know the story behind this very rapid part of chords, arpeggio\'s and scale\'s. Seeing.... better said, hearing that this part seems to be within several songs, I can only guess that this piece holds a very special meaning.

Vince I hope to learn the secret of this piece. Thanks in advance and I\'ll be awaiting your latest release.

Niels Berndsen, Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands.
New material by Vince.... and WOW... that\'s some heavy tunes coming out of my speaker boxes.

I do detect a tune that\'s kinda simular as the song "Critical Mass" made for the song "Ground Zero" by Stan Bush.

Being a Techhead, I can\'t help to ask what kind of equipment was used for this song. It sounds like a whole new barrage of keyboard\'s, Synthesizers.

Was all the music performed by Vince?

Wow again... now I\'m even more curious about the CD\'s that are going to be released that Vince talked about.
Now that\'s what I call a quick fix.  ;D
To everyone at TDRS Music... Travis Dickerson, Vince DiCola, Buckethead... everyone... A happy and musical 2009

Hi everyone at TDRS Music.

I\'ve been offline for some time now, but I\'m back. Allot of thing have happend lately here, privately.

Anyway, I just saw the free download song by Vince DiCola called "Everyday is Haloween" and I downed it right away.

Well... this song really fits the Haloween theme. Weirdness, Wickedness, Minor notations and tones and a very funny lyric.

It\'s new, it\'s fresh and it\'s something I\'ve not expected to come from Vince Dicola. Not that this is bad... no way. It\'s a whole new chapter in his music genre. The drums are heavy and ROCKING!!! Of course the keyboard licks and solo\'s are always great. Personally the Hammond like organ sound fits the theme. The Therimin, played by Travis Dickerson, is an Instrument that I\'ve never heard of... could you please tell me what that is? Mister Meriedeth has got a magnificent Rocking part on this song... YEAH ROCK ON!!!!! 8) Uhm... did Jessica DiCola Clone herself? I\'m hearing more of her.   ::).... ;D LOL

Then are the lyrics... awesome funny. I\'m seeing Robbie Long in a count like costume if this song is being made into a videoclip. "Frankenstein in his underwear!?" ;D ;D The way these lines are said is perfect... This should be the new thriller song on Haloween, if you\'d ask me.

Well... to Vince DiCola, Robbie Long, Kenny Meriedeth, Travis Dickerson and Jessica DiCola... all I can say is that I love this song. It\'s Rocking and it\'s funny. That\'s what music is all about right?

With cheers and greetings, Niels.
And here is the link to that Start of the 24 hours of Le Mans this year where you can clearly hear the music from Vince DiCola. Enjoy cause it kinda fits the start of this race well.

(Sorry but I could only find footage of the German Eurosport channel)
even more music news comes from Italy where a band performs "War", "Training Montage" and a piece from the "Transformers Soundtrack". (Sorry, forgot to post the link. )

And the keyboardist of this band has got his own myspace.

Only a minute ago the world famous 24 hours of Le Mans has started with a huge crowd of fans all over the track and a large number of race cars in serveral classes.

But most surprisingly was that during the final part of the warming up, where all cars where following the safety car towards the starting grid, all over the track the song "War" from the "Rocky IV" movie by Vince DiCola was played, which made a very exiting and adrenaline pumped start. As soon as the Cars approached the starting line, the music went in it\'s beat section.

I forgot to mention this Vince. Although you may not think of singing as your strongest point, I think you\'ve got a very good singing voice. And that\'s said from someone who\'s an Audio Technician.

Well... can\'t wait to hearn the new record soon.

Greetings Niels Berndsen
Hello Again too, Vince.  ;)

I\'m doing fine, thank you very much for asking. I hope all is well with you, your wife Beth and the Children too.

Yes... I agree with you on the subject that allot of bands, musicians/artists seem to be more focussed on following a certain hype that\'s going on. I hardly even listen to the Top 40 anymore because it sounds so monotone and always keeps having the same rythm and style like many other bands and formations.

Some might call me old fashioned, but the period where I feel best at is around the end of the 1970\'s and the beginning of the 1990\'s.

Though staying in this time period, a couple of bands stand out from the other ones... some of them sadly aren\'t there anymore. For example the band Audio Slave, former frontman of the band Soundgarden Chris Cornell and the band that was known as Rage against the Machine, those two musical forces put together was perfect. Music and lyrics.

Bands that keep my inspiration going are Dream Theater, Dire Straits, The Police, Yes, Focus, Ekseption... yes, lately even Deep Purple with those awesome Hammond Organ Solo\'s.  ;D There\'s something about the Hammond sound that gives me chills all over my body. I can\'t really discribe it but it just sounds so awesome. I\'ve tried to replicate those sounds on two Synth\'s of mine, but they just can\'t reach the unique level that the Origional Hammond has got.

Well... I\'ll keep a close eye out on your new record. I take it this new recording of yours will be sold here on Travis\'s site?

Godd luck and cheers, Niels Berndsen
Hello Vince.

Thank you for your quick reply. I\'m sorry to hear that your friend has passed away.

I never expected you to be a singer to. That\'s what I call multi talented. Keyboards, Synthesizers, Organ\'s drumming and singing. I would call it "A one man band for sure.".

Am I correct that "I\'m not in Love for Nothing" from your album "in-VINCE-ible" was sung by Roger too?

About Artistically Beatles, I\'ve never thought that the Beatles could be such an inspiration. I\'m from 1976 and sadly I have to say that I haven\'t experienced that period in pop music history. Your versions of these songs are truly fantastic and I love the way your play your style in "You never gave me your money".

With best wishes and greetings, Niels Berndsen

Dear Vince.

Recently I\'ve bought from another site, thanks to a topic here about your contribution with T-Square on the Gran Turismo game, two albums, sadly only downloadable ones. I would\'ve rather had origional packaged version with booklet and all.

Anyway my question is about the Artistically Beatles album that you\'ve made. Who is the signer who sing\'s "Something" and "You never gave me your money"?

Greetings and cheers, Niels Berndsen, Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands