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This is a question for Vince. I\'ve seen lately on the internet several pictures from the recording sessions for the Gran Turismo Prologue Soundtrack with "The Square" (Japanese Jazz-Fusion band) and also a couple of Youtube video clips from "Invasion of the Machines".

I\'ve noticed allot... allot of equipment in both video clips and studio footage. What I would like to know if there is an instrument that is your most favourite and also why this is your most favourite instrument.

Thank you very much in advance.

That\'s just the problem... they cost so much... and... there\'s another reason why I\'ve gotten ridd of the first one. I was getting into money trouble... if you know what I mean.  :(
Great great news... this might be another piece to my Vince Collection... though sadly I don\'t own a credit card anymore... does anyone here know if there\'s another way to buy this album? I\'ve searched on and it\'s competitor but sadly.... non of them have this version.
Oh... me too. I\'m a Die-Hard Transformer fan and also one of the organizers of the Dutch Transformers Convention TF-ConVersions. ( )

I\'m hoping that one of the dealers will have those CD\'s I\'m looking for at their stand.

Vince did mention though that he would see, if the material that was send to Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay, can be released on CD. Oh... I\'m hoping that so much, cause I\'ve noticed that Vince has been using newer equipment and a whole new library of sounds.
As far as I know, vince is very busy with a new album of some sort. What I recall is that it would be something progresive. Some time back he wrote here about it.

From what I\'ve seen he\'s been involved in making the Soundtrack for Gran Turismo Prologue, the video game race simulator, with the Japanese Jazz-Fusion band The Square. This kinda surprised me cause I\'ve bought the game, but I can\'t even find one soundtrack on it... wich is kinda sad, cause I sure would love to here those songs.
Nice... very very nice... but... aren\'t there any concert DVD\'s of Buckethead?

I\'m excited to hear that Vince may eventually release some of the music he composed for the live-action Transformers (2007).  Hopefully, we will get a complete soundtrack recording of the original animated Transformers (1986) eventually as well. ;-)

Likewise Butlerd. Vince Told me before about a possible  recording with his work for the 2007 Transformers Movie. Allthough I\'ve already heard the score he and Kenny Merideth made for that movie. Sadly I can\'t find that link anymore, cause that was a very good song. On the other hand Vince has made a special Double Disc feature from the 1986 Movie and that was exclusively for sale only at the BOTCON. So it\'s extremly rare and I wish I had that Double Disc too. Sadly I wasn\'t able to fly to the States at that time.
That would be like "The Vault of Vince." ... or even better named "The DiCola Vault", where all the music is stored that has never seen the daylight.... untill now.  :)

I would love that... it would then be like the "The protoform Sessions" where you did explain the work behind the Transformers 1986 Movie was done.

Well... I hope that it will become Material. Wishing you good luck with it and all your other projects.
From what I know is that Vince wrote a song or two... I could be wrong about the ammount of song\'s though, for Rocky 4... I think.... or was it Rocky 3??? ::)

Anyway I do know he did wrote some songs for a Rocky Movie, though I\'m not sure if he wrote new ones for the Rocky Balboa Film. I thought that they used one of the song\'s of the previous Rocky movies.

The two songs I know about ar "War" and "Training Montage". Both pieces of art in Music. :D
A Short question to Vince.

How was the BotCon 2009 Concert going?
I myself am starting to become a musician and I\'ve learned that, although you are the writer, composer of the music you\'ve made... it\'s the record company that buy\'s the music. Therefor I think that at that moment the music is being owned by the record company.

Yes... I agree that it\'s kinda weird that something that is your creation isn\'t yours anymore after it\'s being produced by a record company. But some artists have made their own label and some of them have become very succesfull with it.

Vince has also written to me that he might release some never before released music on CD. To me... that sounded like music to my ears... I hope it will work out though. IN this case it would possibly mean that there might be two recordings coming out hopefully this year. The first this release of never before released Transformers Material and the second being the progressive recording vince Mentioned about some time ago. I believe he mentioned that it would be a sequel to the previous record "Found Objects" from DPI. (Dicola, Perry & Ill)

If they would ever perform live... that I would like to introduce them like on that one Live ELP record.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... Dicola... Perry, and Ill.  
Well... Vince often post\'s messages here too, so why not ask him. I mean I would love to have the origional CD\'s too. There\'s nothing better then the origional thing right?
Likewise Butlerd. I\'m now in a tight schedual to organize with some fellow Transformer fans our own Transformers convention here in the Netherlands. Sadly though, with economics at an all time low and our budget being very small, we can\'t ask Vince to come over. But someday I hope it might work. Vince is for me the best.
Quotethanks for those links!

yeah, I remember a VHS of this performance was sold at the Botcon site ages ago.

thank god I managed to pick up the full TRANSFORMERS (2 Disc) score.

You\'ve got the 2 disc score?? Where did you find that? That\'s one of the CD\'s of Vince  that I\'m still missing from my collection.
Just found a video of Vince DiCola at the BOTCON 1997.

The show starts with the beginning of the movie, "unicron\'s Theme".

Followed by "Attack on the Shuttle".

and with Stan Bush performing "Love Don\'t Lie"

The quality of this video is quit good.

Plus another video of that same Convention in 1997. But this time Vince\'s special version of "The Death of Optimus Prime".

Plus another video of Vince Performing "Training Montage". This video shows Vince introducing his fellow musicians to the public.

Finally I\'m seeing Vince play live. Well... Live it sadly ain\'t, gosh I wish I could\'ve been there.

And here\'s one of the most popular ones of that Convention.

And the one Vince wrote to get the producers of the Transformers movie to hire him to write the score.

But Vince explains it himself... in a very very funny way.