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hell yeah it is.. ebay should take it down
I have vols 1, 2, 12, and 13 of ISOT I can sell you for face value of $20 each. That way I can afford to buy the $100 non personalized boxset.

I did see that a personalized ISOT box set went for over $360 on ebay recently.
this album is definitely avant garde, lots of soundscapes and sound textures
nice, Buckethead puts out more CDs than any other artist I know of
He danced to Thriller for the encore in KC too.
in my bar the basement I listen to my LP collection, in my living room I listen to CDs through Bose speakers, at work usually mp3s using headphones
wow, somebody snatched up that ISOT set on ebay pretty quick!
ok, looks like I just need to buy the $100 set. Wish I would of just sucked it up and bought the full, signed set when it came out.
Anybody have any individual copies of ISOT to get rid of?

I bought Vols. 1, 2, 12, and 13 when they came out so now I only have a partial set. I\'d love to fill out this set.

so is Buckethead using a digitech whammy to get all those R2D2 sounds on the new cds?
Bansheebot is influended by Slayer/Maiden/Malmsteen+ with no lyrics

Noodle is inspired by R2D2 playing avant garde

Cyborg is a mix between the two
just got my disk 1 and disk 13..

disc 13 is wild, i\'m 26 minutes into the only track on the cd, it\'s a march with endless noodling
the music is bad ass, I love this avant garde shit