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what's the name of the record store? I need that ISOT.

Quote from: Keith_SIO on July 20, 2012, 10:48:39 pm
I found a brand new copy at my local record store for $15.99 I hadn't been there in 5 years and 5 years earlier they had it...I couldn't believe it was sitting there. The same shop had a copy of ISOT for $35 and  LE blueprints for $10. i got the blue prints but couldnt afford the isot at the time...kicked myself but at least I got pepper's now.
just bought my tix for the 7/26 show in STL.... any body else gonna be there?
I bought mine from TDRS days after it was released. My findings ... printed on the underside of the CD is "347 PEPPERS 022007" and under the 347 in super micro print is "IFPI LT05". Barcode # on the back of the CD Case: 8 06838 14142 3. Additional findings ... THIS CD STILL KICKS MAJOR ASS.
This CD kicks ass, start to finish.
That first tune has some funk to it, eh?! I like it.
sweet, just ordered a copy for meself
I just found this tune. I had forgotten all about this single. Sounds great.
The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania show is on the live music archive
I was struck by how 'metal' it was; all melodic and crunchy. One of my favorites.
but worth hundreds?
... this CD is bad ass!!!!!
I'm going to hit the STL show in July. Anybody else on here gonna be at that one?
Buckethead Pikes site is so slow because there is a little dude in India hand coding the HTML each time the page is hit.
what the heck..??!!? I just looked on ebay and this CD is going for over $100. I had to go pull my copy to listen to it again. I might have to throw it up on ebay so I can generate funds to buy the 10 CD box set. I bought a couple of the original ISOT disks but I could never comlete the collection.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
February 09, 2010, 04:23:06 pm
My Tribute to Buckethead, 5-11-2006: http://dewclawmedia.com/music/jap-2.mp3