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Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 26, 2005, 11:56:05 pm
well you must know how lovely the 727 is?

im trying to pull out of the digital production, and use mroe hardware stuff, i just got a tb-303 and it\'s absolutly amazing..

no programe will ever sound as good as the real thing!

the revolution will not be digitized.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 18, 2005, 12:55:55 am
get one o\' these

i own a 707 the "rock machine"  but the 727 [latin percussion] put though a reverb unit sound especially nice!
QuoteI just uploaded a tune - I love the new \'uploading tool\' Travis!!   :)

here\'s the link:  


It\'s a bit of a anti-war tune-  I\'d love to hear feedback.  Thanks!


niceone, jnot to destory the mood of the piece but maybe some abient drums would be nice..

nice voice as well..as well
and i might add to anyone else who wants to hear the cosmic we it\'s available for you to hear

if you like it why not Support the entertainment you love by purchasing a new, original edition, from Chris.


cool, i\'ll re do the entire track, but i am busy for the next 2 weeks going around england on rave duty, but i\'ll do it as soon as i can and i\'ll post it in this topic :)

your welcome
here it is  


hope you like it
mmmm nice acapella style..

i\'ll add some music to them and post it back here in a bit :) i\'ll see what i can do if you dont mind

well i did a rough quick track, like it took about 10 minutes or so, and i quite enjoyed doing it,

so i guess if you like the music i did for it, i\'d happily be up for doing more backing music for your songs which i can take time on, you have a nice voice

Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Fan of myspace?
February 12, 2007, 10:05:42 pm
nicee.. your a >[ ] fan!
just a bit of a bumpo

Chris Moss Acid - Guest Mixer Tonight on Spin 103.8 fm - 9.45pm till 10.45pm (GMT)

tune in at 103.8 fm if your around dublin, ireland

if not log it on to


and stream that shit.
"As I perceive it, the main reason that people ask questions concerned with the personality of a composer is to try to form some sort of background against which the music may be contextualised. It may be the case that a musician\'s state of mind at a given time will have fed into the work. The problem is that in this domain we are in danger of conducting a science so soft as to be formless. This, at least in the context of publicity, is what constitutes the lack of incentive for me to bother starting even some sort of sketch. The links from personality to music-making are there for sure, but to make sense of them will require more than anecdotal descriptions of states of mind and folk psychology - something like a "phenomenology of music". In lieu of a proper understanding, the music media seems very ready to generate hype and intrigue around musicians, based on the more sensational details of a musician\'s life.

Indeed, it seems to me that a proper understanding may not even be desirable for most listeners. This relates to the uncanny aspect of music to transform the listener\'s state of mind. To establish some sort of deeper understanding as to what happens when our moods are transformed by music may in some way be seen as a threat to the elemental enjoyment of music. It may be said that it debases musical experience to try to reduce it to theories. Yet all folk interpretation of music apes proper theory, however inaccurately"
now i am actaully am on wikipedia

Your art, music, projects and links / im on wikipedia!
February 12, 2007, 03:48:49 am


my acid perfomance  of the K545 with 2 tb-303\'s is on there as a example of a tb-303 unit.


"I love Acid for the way it makes me move. I love Acid it\'s the sound you can\'t improve. I love Acid get inside this nasty groove. I love Acid going round and round and round. I love Acid going in and up and down. I love Acid get inside this fleshy sound. I love Acid with a dirty kick-ass beat. I love Acid move your mind and move your feet. I love Acid get inside and feel this beat. I love Acid feel it flowing in my dreams. I love Acid it\'s the hypnotic extreme. I love Acid get inside this sound supreme. I love Acid TB-303 romance. I love Acid it\'ll put you in a trance. I love Acid get inside this dirty dance. I love Acid it\'ll never loose it\'s grip. I love Acid it\'s the sound that makes you flip. I love Acid get inside take the trip. I love Acid i say that fact with pride. I love Acid and I\'ll love it till I die. I love Acid get inside enjoy the ride. I love Acid it\'s the way the changes flow. I love Acid as the basslines grows and grows. I love Acid and that\'s how the feeling goes ... about Acid."