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look at the vein on the guitar players hand..  

maybe just wishful thinking but I love the residents.  I must see them this tour BIg b or not.
man...i can not stop listening to this album!!!

what a great job they did on it,.  Thank you

Would love to see a tour
does anyone have some info on this>?

bill laswell told me it should be available by  mid/end april.

hey there..i have alot of master buckethead minidv\'s.  I have filmed him 7 or 8 times..

would love to meet people with the same.

we can trade.
hey all!  I\'m new here but i would like to ask a question.

i have only seen/own 2 buckethead records..KFC skin piles and slaughterhouse.  Is there any others on vinyl?

I\'d love to see more vinyl by BIg b.