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the gutter once said he\'s 6\'6 sans bucket, if i\'m not mistaken.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: New CD
July 25, 2008, 12:32:41 am
 maybe he\'s performing at the after party ?
yeah, the 666 set is wicked.

i remember liking #23 as well.

ISOT rules.

btw, those blue sets are AWESOME!!  ;D
Quotec2b3 was a jam band.

 i\'ve seen/heard "jam bands" do some brilliant things, and it takes a very dedicated and educated ear to recognize it.

Here\'s an improvisional stroke of genius - The Disco Biscuits jamming out a palindrome of songs:

Voices Insane>Basis For A Day>l-man>Above The Waves>l-man>Basis For A Day>Voices Insane

basis was inverted, l-man was deslexic, and Above The Waves completed an unfinished version from the previous nights set. (10-01-02)

Buckethead has jammed along side of these bands you\'re hating on, and claimed to understand.

Have you ever heard the "18 minute wank fest" that is Buckethead and Umphrey\'s McGee?

Go bang your head against a wall and then go download theNewDeal\'s set from Langerado 2008

thanks for posting this.
QuoteHa ha, charade you are...

well played  8)
sweet wedge.

Sometimes i wish it were a bit longer  ;D
Quotei can feel it in my bone..

har harrrrrrrr :P

the Sheriff Hal dance rules!

Quotethis slice never gets shoved to far back in my mind...

woo hoo!

*Crosses nubs*
karma, Nuff, great thread.

Didn\'t we even get a little touch of Del Ray Brewer on Dawn of the Creeps?

Please, dear God, for the love of Pete, MORE DELI CREEPS, please!!

QuoteHello all,

I\'ve caught the Buckethead flu, and hopefully there\'s no cure.

oh, don\'t worry. There is no known cure. Good luck escaping Bucketheadland. Few do, but they are never missed

on the note of Monolith ---> Get it

same for ISOT.
Blueprints is a must. Back to the origins!

Welcome aboard. Keep your stumps in the ride at all time.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Death Cube K
February 23, 2008, 07:12:08 pm
collect all the DCK albums  8) 8)
it took me a while to come to terms with the fact that i enjoy Decoding more than Peppers Ghost, but that is the case.