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Cool man. You\'ll be digging these discs for weeks!

For me, it seems like Super Human is the underdog. If Andrea was going for quantity of tracks, then Home Run Derby might have caused a space issue. I was suprised Exit 209 didn\'t make disc 2. Enjoy the mix!
QuoteStart at the beginning, and get them in chronological order, so you can listen to the ways in which the music evolved with each successive release. By the way, the first one is my favorite.

I wholeheartedly agree with that. Except, well, my favorite album is Axiology.
If this got repressed, it would make a lot of bots extremely pleased!
Thanks to Travis\' postings, i have decided that i will be able to hold off on buying the whole slab untill i can afford it, as right now is just not a good time for my budget. I\'m now over the "In Search Of" OOP fear, and i feel like i will most certainly own this set in the upcomming months.
Thanks for the updated info, Mr. Dickerson. :)
thanks for providing the info to .tk to Frump. Hadn\'t seen him around in a while.

Anyway, this whole 13 vol Slab thing is such a mystery right now. I wonder how long it will drag out, and if mysterious is just how it\'s supposed to be. Either way, it\'s really exciting.

Just when you think Buckethead is indeed a robot that goes without sleep because he releases two or three albums in a year, he goes and releases 14 albums in the first three months of 2007 :o :o

Maybe the new batch of wedge is re-printed rides? It\'d be otherworldly to have El Stew - The Rehearsal, or Giant Robot NTT, Day of the Robot, etc (x\'s 13)
Thanks to everyone that made it possible to pull off the super human organization and get these sets out to the loyalbots. Everyone at tdrs is just amazing.
Of course some track listing would be a fun teaser, but the mysteriousness is really charming. Waiting won\'t be so hard for me, because damn, i just learned the news of the pre-order like what, a week or two ago, you know? It\'s not like Anatamize, were we were told well in advance to be ready for it, and the suspense nearly killed me.


This is wonderful news. I was a little bit nervous, placing my order, as i could see the digits i was typing in when giving debit card numbers, but it\'s tdrs, so i have nothin but the trust.

Thank you so much for the heads up on the Pre-Sale. I feel a bit bad about ordering Pepper\'s Ghost before HeadCheese, but oh well. Thanks again! :)

I\'m still waiting on YB vol II  :\'( :\'(

Sorry i couldn\'t be of any help.

(btw, i never saw this question on .tk)
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Wakarusa
February 17, 2007, 05:30:54 am
Which band will Claypool be playing with @ rusa this year?

Of course it would be over the top if Thanatopsis could get down at the fest, but i wouldn\'t hold your breath on that one.

Bucket returning again would be terrif, but selfishly, i\'m hoping to see his name on this year\'s Bonnaroo line-up ;)

As far as your direct question to Travis, there is a thread that already answers that:;action=display;num=1111726312
yo Slunker,

you\'re forgiven on the wedge question. We\'ll let it slide this time, hehe!

You say that you want stuff like Thanatopsis, Chicken Noodles, and Deli Creeps, but your desire to own the album might interfer with getting the new 13 volume slab collection? My advice is to go ahead and get the stuff you\'ve been wanting, and keep on bingeing n slunking, you\'ll get around to the 13 disc set eventually, but the classics are a must!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: TDRS myspace
February 14, 2007, 08:44:09 am
It\'s a pleasure having TDRS on my Top Friends list. This is a great thing you\'re doing, Keg!
QuoteMan, would that be great! I discovered this place after getting Population Override. I was like who in the world is this Travis Dickerson? A few googles later and here I am. Thanks to Travis for the free MP3\'s, I will definitely be picking up all of the Thanatopsis material via the download store here very soon.

Nice move, tandog. I highly recommend Thanatpsis - Axiology and Chicken Noodles.