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General Discussion / Re: favourite quotes
August 27, 2007, 05:36:17 am
"i don\'t think it\'s about understanding really. anyone who thinks they really understand someone else\'s music, probably just understands how they themselves feel about it. we all do that, and it\'s the feelings accumulated that make it what it is and, feeds the artist too.... that\'s my frame of mind right now at least. now, every now and then you\'ll go "i get it! ha! that\'s what that meant!" or, maybe you\'ll be watching a movie and you\'ll hear some background music and realize you\'ve heard that before too  -
but, don\'t put pressure of understanding a cd or a work of music on your shoulders.. i guess that\'s what i\'m trying to say. it does it, or it doesn\'t. if it does, you play it again and again, if it doesn\'t, you don\'t. if it\'s a not sure if it does it, you save it for a rainy day." -Oke Hitsu
General Discussion / Re: RHCP\'s remastered
February 14, 2007, 09:19:14 am
Ah man, i missed RHCP in Cincinnati very recently, but RHCP is supposed to play in Lexington sometime soon.

How was The Mars Volta\'s set? When i saw them with System of a Down for the Frances the Mute tour, i was blown away.

You sais that there was some soloing, you werent, by any chance, talking about John Frusciante playing some of his material, were you?

Have you ever heard Peon?

It\'s John Frusciante, Flea, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, of The Mars Volta.
ah yes, Jone is an amazing bot. The Buckethead community is blessed to have him around, promoting the best karma.

Enjoy your wedges.

sorry to hear about the unexpected loss.

I suggest continuing your steady diet of soothing Buckethead. It really helps, huh?

General Discussion / Re: New To Forum(s)
November 20, 2007, 08:19:26 am
Hey there, Cassandra from Slaughterzone.

Welcome aboard.

Hey man, i was saddened to hear about the loss in your life right now.

I\'m glad that you have the healing tones of Buckethead to help you along.

I lost a dear bot in late October. It\'s aweful, but i\'ve been thankul for the new releases, especially Decoding the Tombs of Bansheebot. I\'m listening to it as i type, actually.

Chicken Noodles has been in heavy rotation as of late, so the second installment should be enhancing as well.

rip Troubles
General Discussion / Re: 9/11 was an inside job?
March 01, 2007, 01:38:41 pm
Check out Loose Change
thank you Buckethead, for being so kind to your fans.  :)
Nelson Ledges Quarry with Bernie Wooo  :o :o :o ;D
if the ride comes east of Wakarusa, i\'ll be sure to be there 8)
^One of the gnarliest things Buckethead has ever done, imo.
Picked this one up tonight
MORE[/i] Deli Creeps, please!

post of the decade?

Travis n friends, it is my humblest opinion that you take our beloved Robert up on his most generous offer!  :o

Bob Maximum - it\'s great to see you pop out of the woodworks and let us know that you\'re alllllright. We miss ya, binge buddy, and all of the controlled insanity that you inspire.

I certainly hope that your endeavors prove to be fruitful  :)

i am intrigued..  :)