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The enormity of the task involved in putting all these sets together really hit me when i saw the pic.

WoW. Keep up the hard work! Hopefully things won\'t be too crazy with todays schedualed shipment of Pre-Ordered Peppers Ghosts\'.
I went with the original because i\'ve always loved the artwork :)
thanks for providing the direct links, nuffff!
i hope many will get the chance to hear this one!!!

I think this new DCK release will do better than Tunnel. I know Tunnel was offered on a couple of tours, like the Praxis in \'04 (or 05?) If the non-collectors cd was available for the upcoming tours (if that was possible), it would do really really well, and it\'s off to a wonderful start with the 400 cd debut!
Thanks for the headsup.

TDRS rules, and there is a place that\'s just as great as Bucketheadland.....Buckethead\'s toystore!
QuoteHow would one go about getting their copy signed, Travis?

i don\'t understand this, personally.

For one, if you get a limited ed CD, then it\'s actually signed by one of the most elusive artists to ever release an album. That\'s what you\'re paying for really, and if you think about it, $25\'s for Death Cube K to sign (and even number!) a cd is actually inexpensive. We\'re one of only 400 bots that will probably ever own a DCK autograph. To actually have it on one of his discs is priceless.

With that said, what good is it to take it to a show and have it signed by Buckethead? Buckethead didn\'t have anything to do with that record...he probably wouldn\'t recognize that record, it may seem vague and distant though..like some sort of dream ;)
glad he was able to make your purchase that much more special!
Collect ALL the shards to form a wedge  :)
Quoteit would be nice if you donated to the Artist support page on this site.

glad you were able to work that in there, Bob!   :)

It\'s really rad that camp Bucketheadland has allowed all bots new or down since the first note to have such access to NTT, but Buckethead certainly should still receive royalties for such a fantasteriffic album.

Sounds suspect to me!

At my local indi record shop, they usually always have that one available. Sorry you\'re having such a hard time finding it, but i hope you do nab it, cuz it\'s a winner!

Beautiful breakdowns on Yellowed Hide, The Ravines of Falsehood, and The Treeman.
QuoteOk, I bought Giant Robot and I really like it. What other albums do you think I should get? I thought BucketheadLand 2 wasn\'t very good and I really like Population Override. I don\'t like Electric Tears that much though, it\'s kind of boring.

What\'s In Search of The Box set? I keep seeing it and I don\'t know anything about it, other than that there are 13 CDs and that it costs $100. What CDs are in there? What does it have etc?

Thanks guys.

First of all, you\'ve found the right place! TDRS is a fantastic forum, and you\'ll be able to find the answers to most of your questions and concerns here. So Welcome to Bucketheadland, and good luck getting past Albert..

If you truly liked Giant Robot, then you would love other classics like:

Giant Robot NTT
-Buckethead - Monsters & Robots
-Cobra Strike 1 & II
-Deli Creeps - Dawn of the Deli Creeps
-Praxis - Transmutations

If you loved Population Override, but weren\'t touched by Electric Tears, be sure to get:

Thanatopsis - Axiology
Thanatopsis - Thanatopsis
Thanatopsis - Anatomize
Buckethead - Colma

i personally recommend buying Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, Inbred Mountain, The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock, and most certainly Pepper\'s Ghost, and when you can, try and nab some of Bucket\'s other classic slabs like Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse and also Bermuda Triangle. and who knows, you might like Pieces or El Stew or Cornbugs, too!

I also recommend giving Electric Tears another good shot in the future when the time is right. You have to understand that that record was created during some rougher times in Big B\'s career...he didn\'t have a lot of the amenities that he has today and i think there may have been some difficult hardships in the coop; but out of it came some of Buckethead\'s most sincere, moving, and  inspiring work to date.

As far as your questions about ISOT..

It\'s kind of like Buckethead\'s tour de force of his catalog. During a couple of his rare conducted interviews, Herbie mentioned a celebratory 13 disc release commemorating 13 years of Bucketheadland success. I\'m not sure how many of us took him seriously, but sure enough, Bucket released the set earlier this year. He made 1,000 custom sets for $200, each personalized by hand and individually numbered.

I can say that 100 $\'s for a non-personalized set seems like a good deal to me, but i\'m not telling you to put in hours of overtime or rob someone to come up with the set in the next week. Maybe get a better feel for Bucket and then consider it?

As far as reviews of albums, i would encourage you to take keagan\'s advice and register at www.buckethead.tk. Once you\'re in, look for the "How About These Wedges?" forum. Plenty of dedicated bots give their feedback and it\'s always solid.

Keep your limbs inside the rides at all times!


QuoteI was planning an buying peppers ghost off here soon

You\'ve made a very wise decision.

You will be more than pleased with that album from front to back. It\'s my favorite ride to date!
i\'ve always assumed the song is indeed a tribute to King James.

Buckethead is an obvious basketball fan, an appreciator of hard work ethics, and i would bet that Big B even appreciates how nice and upstanding Mr. James is off the court.

QuoteTravis and Buckethead must collaborate again ASAP :)

That\'s the general census of the entire Buckethead-fan community  ;D
Quotesometimes people just post scummy pics of album art on cdnow and other sites

what an injustice to Funnel Weaver..That\'s easily one of my favorite covers along with Day of the Robot.