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Messages - Vince DiCola

Hello Rick,

I appreciated your compliments.  I just checked out your site but unfortunately could not play "Training Montage" (Mac/PC issue, I think).  Check with Travis and if he is agreeable perhaps you can email an mp3 to his site and Travis can forward it to me.  I am definitely interested in hearing your arrangement.

Thanks for your interest in my work.


That cue is called "Drago\'s Entrance/Main Fight" and happens to be one of my personal favorites from the score from a synth programming standpoint.  (And by the way, that was Casey Young doing the sound design.)  Unfortunately, that cue (along with all the other underscore cues) has never been made available.  The movie and record companies obviously never thought there would be enough interest in that material to warrant releasing it separately from the soundtrack (which featured mostly songs with only a few pieces of my score included).  As I\'ve said on this site before, I have a digital copy of all that material and if I can ever get the powers-that-be to grant me the rights to make it available, I will definitely post a notice here.

Thanks to all who continue to express interest in my earlier work.

Dear "bax",

Thanks for the link to the Keyboard Mag forum thread.  I played at the ALESIS booth at NAMM for a number of years and actually got to know David Bryce fairly well (David has been working for quite some time now with Music Player, a company that\'s associated with Keyboard in some major capacity).  It was nice to see David\'s post on that forum.

I have yet to be featured in Keyboard Magazine but remain confident that I will be granted an opportunity to talk about my work in that publication when the time and circumstances are right.  I met some of the guys from the magazine at one of the NAMM conventions and they were very cordial and complimentary.

Thanks again for the link and also for your kind words of encouragement.

Happy New Year to everyone here at tdrs music.  I hope you all had a safe and joyous holiday season.  Here\'s to a happy, safe and prosperous 2005.

Thanks to Jon and "oldfolkie" for their messages regarding my film music career.   I\'ll offer some insight here for those who may have any interest...

When I had just come off the ROCKY IV & TRANSFORMERS projects back in 1986-87, the guy who was managing me at the time and I made the rounds to a few of the top agencies in order to try and secure some effective representation for me in that area of the business.  I didn\'t have much luck and I have to admit to being very discouraged as a result of those series of meetings.  I then made the decision to poor my energies into some original solo and band projects rather than continuing to beat my head against the wall trying to make some decent progress in the film and TV music arena.   I don\'t regret that decision from a creative standpoint as that period of my life produced some music I\'m quite proud of and which has withstood the test of time in most instances.  However, in recent years I\'ve started getting the \'itch\' again to start investigating film and TV music.  It is more competeitive now than ever before and I\'ve found that I\'ve had to set my sights a bit lower relative to the \'big\' projects I was fortunate enough to have been involved in during the earlier part of my career.  With the release of the music Kenny Meriedeth and I did fairly recently for this movie called "Sci-Fighter" (sorry... STILL no word on a release date for the film), I\'ve discovered that I can still summon the passion and enthusiasm to make valuable contributions in this area of music and we are committed to searching out meaningful opportunities and seeing where this will all lead.

The opportunity with the most stature and visibility at the moment is the new TRANSFORTMERS live action movie which is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2006.  However, even though I scored the original animated movie back in 1986 and I am fortunate to retain some strong support from the TF fan community, I am geared up for a serious uphill battle to try and win the attention of the producers and director on this project since I\'m sure I\'ll be going up against some well-known composers who happen to have much stronger recent movie credits.  That doesn\'t deter me in any way from making every effort to get this gig, as I\'m quite confident of my capability to make valuable musical contributions to this project.  It\'s just the nature of the beast when it comes to the politics of any business, and all I can do is give it my all and hope and pray for the best possible outcome.

By the way, for any of you who have heard some of my recent work and are interested in writing any words of support to the producers of this new TRANSFORMERS movie, please consider posting a message to:

Thanks again to all who have expressed an interest in my movie work.  Hopefully 2005 will bring some exciting new opportunities in that regard.

Hi Gary,

Regarding the track to "Broken Glass" I did with Steve Walsh many years ago...

Since that song originated as a composition Steve was involved with before I worked with him, I never felt comfortable asking permission to release it as something attached to a solo project of mine.  The original plan was for Steve and I and Doane Perry to form a band, and 3 tracks...  "Suffer the Children", Only Time Will Tell" and "Broken Glass"...   were to be included in that project.  However, right around the time we were planning to launch this project, Steve was invited to rejoin KANSAS and that decision was pretty much a no-brainer for him, considering that band\'s earlier success.  Since I had never invested as much compositionally in "Broken Glass" as I had in the other 2 songs, I never thought it would\'ve been appropriate to ask Steve to let me use that track on a release of mine.   That may still happen someday; I\'ve learned never to say "Never"!   I am proud of the work I did with Steve and it would be nice to see these tracks get the attention they deserve at some point.  I often wondered why none of that material was ever considered for KANSAS, but my guess is they have more than enough material on their own to choose from.  Still, I feel these 3 tracks are every bit as good as most of the material KANSAS has released over the last several years.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity to get this material some qualty attention at some point.

I appreciate your interest.

Hi James,

Sorry it\'s taken me some time to send a reply.  I appreciate your patience.  Thanks for your inquiry about my gear.  For the THREAD CD I used the following keyboards:

Kurzweil K-2000
Akai S-1000 sampler
Yamaha DX-7
Prophet VS
Roland D-50 and D-550
Korg M1R
Rhodes VK-1000 (for all B3 sounds)

I\'ve since added:

Alesis QS8, QS7, 2 QS racks and an Andromeda analog synth
Yamaha TX-816 (8 DX-7\'s in a rack)

Thanks again for writing.