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Hi Mixmaster,

Thanks for your inquiry about the new music I\'ve been working on with my partner Doane Perry.  As this is the most demanding and ambitious project I\'ve ever been involved with, it will be some time until we have any music ready to share.  I\'ve toyed with the idea of posting some \'work-in-progress\' sketches online, but honestly I\'ve never been a fan of that approach.  All I can tell you at the moment is that the end result will hopefully be well worth the wait, and in fact it may end up being a double CD.  If I was pressed to give an ETA ("estimated time of arrival" for those who may not be familiar with that abbreviation), I\'d have to say early 2009 at this point.  If we had the luxury of setting all our other personal and professional obligations aside and concentrating on this project exclusively until it\'s finished, I\'d be much more optimistic about getting it done well before the end of this year.  Unfortunately we do NOT have that luxury.

I will of course post updates here as they become available.  I sincerely appreciate the eager interest that\'s been expressed, and we\'ll do our best to \'deliver the goods\' as soon as possible!


Hi to all,

Thanks to those who have been inquiring about the new progressive rock project I\'ve been working on with my partner Doane Perry.  We are still hard at work on the recording of this material.  It\'s a HUGE undertaking (which should become evident when we\'re finally done and in a position to release it), and Doane and I are both trying to work around several other personal and professional obligations.  Therefore, it may still be sometime until we\'re able to share this great music and make it available, but I think it will be well worth the wait.

The centerpiece of this project at the moment is a long suite (over 45 minutes in length) with a working title of "Figurehead", and without a doubt this is the most ambitious piece of music I\'ve ever tackled personally.  It\'s very progressive in nature - a lot of interesting twists and turns - some very melodic vocal statements interwoven with some colorful and adventurous instrumental passages.  We have quite a ways to go on this piece but we\'re very excited about how things are sounding so far.

I will keep you posted, and thanks again to all who have expressed interest in hearing this new music.

Hi guys,

Sorry for my tardy response to your messages.

Thanks for the kind words about my work with the group T-Square.  Not many people here in the states have been aware of this music and that\'s a shame.  I think it\'s still only available as Japanese imports (if you can find it!).  I\'m really quite proud of my creative contributions on that project.  I\'ve worked with them on several occasions and my co-arranger Doug Bossi (great GTR player/arranger) and I have been very honored by the amount of creative freedom Ando (the centerpiece of T-Square) has always granted us.  The "Truth 21 Century" CD is probably my personal favorite so far, but we\'ve done one or two since then (can\'t recall the titles offhand) and I\'ve enjoyed them all.  If I\'m able to dig up any more specific info I\'ll let you know.

We get called about every two years to particpate with this group and we\'re looking forward to our next T-Square opportunity.  Thanks again for the kind words.

Hi guys,

Wow - you picked a pretty obscure piece of music from my film repertoire to comment on!   I\'ll have to check that YouTube video Mixmaster mentioned.  I guess one of the percussive elements in "Paulie\'s Robot" could be perceived as having something in common with my Unicron Theme, but obviously the "Paulie\'s Robot" music is much lighter in tone.

I will say that some of the elements I used in a lot of the Drago scenes from ROCKY IV were also used as a stylistic basis when I was originally developing the Unicron music for TRANSFORMERS.  I don\'t recall how they much they featured my music in the Drago scenes in ROCKY IV, but if you go back and check out the movie you may be able to hear the comparison.  (If and when I ever get the opoortunity to release my previously unreleased score music from ROCKY IV, I\'m sure this comparison will become even more obvious.)

I can\'t imagine my "Paulie\'s Robit" music would have too many uses other than for that scene in that particular movie, so it was a surpsise to hear from Infinitium that it HAS been used elsewhere.  Cool!

Thanks again for your interest and support.  My appreciation is ongoing.


Thanks for the link.  Not sure who Michael Smith is but it\'s always interesting to see and hear where my music pops up!

Hello Niels (and all interested parties),

SONY BMG contacted me a few months ago to inform me of their plans to reissue the original TF:TM soundtrack.  After having done some research, they told me my name came up more often than anyone else\'s relative to the music from the original 1986 movie.  They said they wanted to include some bonus material on this reissue and they wanted me to help choose the material.  After much discussion it was decided by SONY that some of my original score cues be included.  I assembled 2 \'medleys\' - one of which features all the main "Unicron"-related cues from my score.  There are 4 bonus tracks altogether.  They are all from my original score and familiar to anyone who purchased or heard the BotCon discs.  We tried very hard to get SONY to sign off on some of my more recent material that was submitted for the new live action film, but they seemed to want to focus only on music from the original movie.

Also, SONY commissioned me to write the liner notes for this reissue.  I am  honored and pleased to be given such an opportunity.

Plans are being discussed as I write this to assemble and release a disc which will feature some highlights from the material that was submitted for both "Rocky Balboa" and the new Transformers movie.  I will of course post an update here as infomation becomes available.

I sincerely appreciate the ongoing interest in my music, past and present. Thanks to all!


That piece appears on my "Artistic Transformations" CD, which is now available again here on this web site.  (If you\'re talking about sheet music, none exists.)
Hope this helps.

Hello Niels.

I appreciate the time and effort you put into your \'vision\' relative to "Castle of the Gods".  Yes, this suite was certainly inspired by Transformers - I look at it as a natural progression relative to my original score.  And yes, the transforming sound effect came from the cartoon (Glen Hallit\'s idea).

I have to say, after seeing the most recent trailer for the new TF movie, it appears this movie will be awesome, at least from a visual standpoint.  From what I can tell, and given the fact that Steven Spielberg is executive producer, the preview implies "Jurassic Park" but with robots instead of dinosaurs.  If the movie lives up to the trailer and all the hype, this could bring in a whole new audience for the Transfomers franchise.   I only wish I had been considered for the score.  As of this writing, a CD is in the hands of some key people at both Dreamworks and Paramount, and in addition to some score material (just in case they\'d still be open to considering anything in that area - VERY unlikely at this point), the CD contains a new vocal song I wrote with my good friend Rick Livingstone.  It\'s a killer track  - perfect for the new film - and Rick did a fantastic job on the vocal and the lyric.  Travis and I have been talking about the possibility of making this Transformers promo package available here at some point.  Of course we\'ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.  I\'m glad you find my music a source of inspiration.  Best of luck.

Dear Ace,

Please forgive my delayed response.  Thanks for your kind words about my music.  I\'ve addressed this subject a few times before on this forum.  The movie versions of my ROCKY IV music have never been released.  Even though I composed the music, I do not own the rights to those recordings -  the film company does.  I tried to get permission to release the score but apparently my request was not important enough to the powers-that-be to warrant a response.  Until and unless I\'m able to secure permission, my only alternative is to create all-new recordings of the material, but for many reasons this is just not practical.  As mentioned here previously, if there\'s ever an opportunity for  those original recordings to be released, an announcement will be made here.

Thanks again for your interest.



Thanks for asking about the ROCKY BALBOA movie.  The film comes out December 22nd but Sylvester Stallone passed on my offer to be involved.   I think Stallone and the producers really wanted Bill Conti to score the picture as part of a plan to resurrect as many elements as possible from the original movie, and certainly Conti\'s contribution to that movie was major.  As far as songs go, when we made our submission in July we were told they had all the vocal songs they needed at that time.

To address your question about the possibility of making some of the music we submitted available for fans and such, that\'s a tough one.  This was a somewhat lenghty compilation consisting of material from various sources - some new, some from older releases I was involved with and some from my original ROCKY IV score.  I\'ll have to give that some thought.  If we decide to make any of that music available I\'ll certainly post an announcement here.

In the meantime, there\'s a new RAMBO movie planned and we\'ve just assembled a promo package for that project as well.   We\'re hoping to get that material in for consideration before the first of the year.  More on that possibility as it develops.

I appreciate your interest and support.

Hello Karl,

Our "Rocky Balboa" package was laid out like a soundtrack - some instrumental score pieces intertwined with some vocal songs.  It\'s really difficult to say whether anything on this new collection could be compared to "Training Montage".  Keep in mind that my ROCKY IV score was created 20 years ago, and score music was quite different then compared to now.  One of the biggest changes that\'s taken place in film music over the years - at least in the action genre - is that there\'s much less emphasis on melody in favor of mood and atmosphere.  We do have some exciting action music in our new collection but I\'m not sure it can fairly be compared to "Training Montage".

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support.  As I\'ve said many times, if and when circumstances allow me to release any of the additional material from my ROCKY IV score, we will be sure to announce it here.

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are well.  It\'s been a while since I checked in here so I thought I\'d offer the following update for those who may be interested...

My partner Kenny Meriedeth and I currently have some music up for consideration for the upcoming 6th installement of the ROCKY franchise...  "Rocky Balboa".  This will (apparently) be the final chapter of the series.  Bill Conti has been signed to score the picture for some time now (Conti scored all the Rocky movies except the one I did...  Rocky IV), but we\'re hoping there are some openings for "additional score music" as well as songs (with vocals).  The package we recently submitted consists of about 45 minutes of material featuring both instrumental score music and some vocal songs I\'ve written over the years with various collaborators.  The movie is currently scheduled for release on December 22nd of this year so there\'s not a lot of time to work with.
We\'ll see what happens.

The other major project in which we hope to have an opportunity to participate in some manner is the new live-action version of TRANSFORMERS.  This movie is currently scheduled for release on 7-4-07 and is being directed by Michael Bay ("The Island", "The Rock", "Armegeddon" and others) and executive produced by Steven Spielberg.  As some of you may know, I scored the animated version back in 1986, so I\'m hoping that will carry some weight when we submit some material for consideration for this new version.  We recently discovered that a composer has been in place for this movie for over a year now.  One of Hans Zimmer\'s many protoges - a composer named Steve Jablonsky - worked on Michael Bay\'s film "The Island" a number of years ago, and apparently Bay committed at that time to hiring Jablonsky for "my next big action project" - which of course just happens to be TRANSFORMERS.  After initially learning that this movie was going to be made and on such a large scale, we had an inkling it was going to be an incredibly uphill battle to be considered.  We can only hope that the quality of the material we will be submitting, along with support from a number of fans of my original work, will make a positive and lasting impression on the powers-that-be.  Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, Travis and I have been preparing multiple compilations - some older but previously unreleased material \'from the vaults\', and some new material as well.  Please stay tuned for updates on all of this.  Thanks again to all who remain interested in my work.  And as usual, special thanks to Travis for all his great support, creatively and personally.

Hi Niels,

There are currently no plans to re-release the double disc we originally released at the convention years ago.   (And by the way, disc 1 of that set was not in any way associated with the movie soundtrack - it was basically a Stan Bush solo offering.)  It would be great if my score was officially released at some point but as far as I know there are currently no plans for that.

It\'s nice to know there\'s interest from some fans who would like to see my score being made available again, and if such an opportunity arises we will of course make an announcement here.  Until then, thanks for your continued interest and support.

Hello to all,

Just wanted to inform anyone who may be interested that I recently completed a new "Transformers"-related piece of music with my partner Kenny Meriedeth, and I posted this on the site associated with one of the producers of the new live action movie that\'s currently slated for release next summer.  Here\'s the link to the piece:

I performed this piece at the last Transformers convention I attended years ago.  Kenny and I began re-working my original arrangement about a year ago and we continued to work on it even after learning that a composer had been chosen to score the new film.  This piece features some \'snippets\' from my score to the 1986 animated movie, along with the original Transformers theme presented in an updated fashion.

I hope you enjoy it!

Vince DiCola
Dear Niels,

Thanks for your interest in my music (I see that you also wrote recently to inquire about lyrics).  Unfortunately, no sheet music was ever made available for any of my music.  As far as lyrics go, the only release of mine that has any lyrics included is the THREAD CD.

Sorry I can\'t be of any more help!  I do appreciate your interest, though.


Vince DiCola