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BTW, I had an email from Buckethead Pikes Service about SBTS. Here's what it says:

It will be repressed at some time in the future. The release date is still to be determined.
Buckethead Pikes Service

What do you bots think ??
^^That's basically what I was going to say. I agree with you, tempbucketdog, I don't think there's enough people asking for it now, but Kickstart or PledgeMusic is great way, in my opinion, to make this happen. And I agree too with what you said about the LEs.
I totally understand about this. I wasn't aware of that thread, thx ! I can see how long it took. But in my opinion, Shadows would sell really fast with a little promotion. And personally, I wouldn't mind at all paying more for it. Again, as you stated in another thread, I wouldn't mind receiving only the CD and the printed goods, and I supply the case. Maybe it could be re-pressed in lower quantities too. I'm throwing in some old ideas, but seriously, I'm sure it would sell faster than Diamond and Prairie with some kind of promotion around the net.

I fear that no so many people are posting on this thread thinking it's waste of time, but if it ever gets to the real thing of pre-orders, from reading on many websites, I'm sure it would sell. I'm also going to donate to TDRS soon (when I get my paycheck) hoping it can help in the re-impression !
15 copies !! Come on !! Keep on posting, it only takes 2-3 mintues to register if you're not !! Let's get this album re-pressed bots !!! Damn, I would pre-order now if I could !!!
Thx :) Now let's spread the word !!!!
Please post here if you want SBTS to be re-pressed and you are sure you will buy it. Write also the number of copies you'd buy.

I had this idea reading a post on .TK and guessed I could give it a try since SBTS is impossible to find at a reasonable price. :'( I'd rather give money here than pay $50 or more for it. Hope this will help TDRS to re-press it !

So, I'm committing to buy 2 copies of SBTS !!
Update: DCK may be OOP too. :'(
QuoteI really wish SBtS would be repressed soon. I have EVERY album from this website that is out of print except for that one.  And by the way, Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock is out of print here as well

Crime Slunk Scene as well... :(

And me too, man, I want SBTS soooo muuuch  :\'(
QuotePG (1 left that isn\'t insanely priced!): http://product.half.ebay.com/Peppers-Ghost-by-Buckethead-CD-Oct-2007-CBUJ-Distribution/62934399&tg=info

Funnel Weaver can be found for a reasonable price on amazon.

PG already sold apparently !

Sorry for the triple post :P
What?! When I posted that, that site had the old store layout, which included CSS. It looked like it was updated because it said "temp out" on Bucketheadland 2, PO, SbtS, etc.

Whoa, we must have not been to the same site, since I\'ve never seen any of these on sale here lol
QuoteI would definitely love a reprint of Bucketheadland Vol.  2. That is quite possibly the hardest album to find and

I got mine on Amazon not too long ago for an OK price. There\'s still a few places whrere you can find PO, FW, BHL2.
You can see it here: http://travisdickersonmusic.com/store/bucketheadstoystore.html

Checked twince and I didn\'t see it :( (assuming you\'re talking about CSS)
Count me in too for SBTS !! Will pre-order as soon as available !

By the way, is CSS went OOP lately, I can\'t see it in the store. Would like to buy that one too !