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Quote from: dewclaw on June 27, 2012, 11:32:00 pm
Additional findings ... THIS CD STILL KICKS MAJOR ASS.

Hahaha true! One of my favorites!!!
Thanks for the information, Travis!

My copy has this barcode: PEPPER'S GHOST F1 CD 0220-0466 LMW/CA #2

Let's take for example RobotPie's copy, I know he has this one: 347 PEPPERS 022007 IFPI LT05

I've seen his pics, and none of us has the ring cut on the printing of the disc...

Anyway, if it's legit, I'm glad for those who bought one :)

A bot posted pics of the album he received. Art is darker, same matrix under the CD, though it has a ring on top of it, on the print. That's what bugs me. But other bots claimed it's legit.

I guess only Travis could answer this question.
UPDATE: People claim it's legit.

Though, I still have my doubts.
Canada! YES!!!!!!! ;D I really hope Big B comes on the East Coast of Canada!!!! Please come on the East Coast Buckethead !!! :D
I said I had reasons to believe it was fake. Simple as that, the guy was real nice about it. I know I'm not the only one who asked for a refund.
I bought my copy on, from a seller called best-music-service, it came from the UK. I believe it's the same seller, just a different name for .com and .uk. When I got mine, I kept it sealed, compared it with one bought from eBay a long time ago (which is officialy from here, TDRS), art is A LOT darker. I contacted the seller, shipped it back and got money the next day. I don't believe it's the seller's fault. He has good feedback and all...

But when you get your copy, and if you open it, you could compare the matrix/numbers under the CD on Discogs: and see if it's a pressed CD or CD-R. Or just contact Travis lol.

Hope it helps ;)
Sorry to say, but it looks like fake. I bought one and got a refund. The art is a lot darker than the original one, and apparently the matrix under the CD is different. Apparently, 'cause I kept it sealed, but we didn't get a confirmation on that.
Yep, so May past and nothing happened...
Happy birthday Buckethead !!! Hope you have a great day !!! Much love !!!!
Quote from: Space Bandito on April 17, 2012, 08:21:18 pm
I am one of the few that uses a Zune (hey it was cheap and holds a LOT of Buckethead) but they never seem to get any music first. This is going to be a tough wait. Any full songs posted on YouTube yet? ;)

Hey bro, you're not alone, I use a Zune too. ;) I just don't like Apple/iTunes.
Next month ?!?!? Ahhh... I don't want to buy it on iTunes. Guess I'll wait, thanks for the info though, DroidHunter !!
Agree :) Good idea !
Thanks for the info, Travis, it's appreciated.