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I wonder if the world in 1995 was even ready for Deathcube K
Hmm, I don't know much about comic books. Yet I don't really see how that forces someone to buy all of them under any circumstance. It's cool to have all of them though, but it's also cool to have all 36 of Buckethead's studio albums too, isn't it? It would be a pretty amazing idea if Buckethead were to write a long song for an album, split it in half, and put the first half as the last track to his next album and the second half as the first track to the following album. That way it's seamless between releases.
Aw come on, I kinda feel bad for Droidhunter13 now. We all barked at him for what he did and he had nothing to do but admit total defeat, yet now we're still barking at him. He learned his lesson and that's all we can really do about it anymore. There's no way to tell everyone in the world this kind of information, so many more will only learn Droidhunter13's mistake by making the mistake to begin with.
Quote from: DisembodiedLoaf on April 24, 2012, 02:56:18 amThe comic book idea is great and probably helps with sales. Because you just HAVE to have all of them even if you don't enjoy all of them. ;)

Wait, what's this about a comic book?
Quote from: Tempbucketdog on April 25, 2012, 07:58:28 pm
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on April 25, 2012, 07:24:12 pm
It was released on Itunes last week. I bought all the tracks and uploaded them to Youtube, too. I also sent the Pikes site an email about a physical release, and they told me that it will be released sometime next month.

You put them ALL on YouTube? *face palm* jeez...

You better donate a buck for every five views you get because 1 in 5 people will download it with a "YouTube downloader" for free and then the music will end up on a torrent site because of you.  I think putting a sample up would have been cool, but the whole song? No....

What this guy said. I would even wait until the physical CD is released before putting them all on YouTube. That way if there's another unreleased track on the CD release, the downloaders won't think they just torrented the whole album. But still, take it off man.
I don't see how 3 Foot Clearance shouldn't be conisdered a legit pike actually. Yes, before it was a pike album it was called "Happy Holidays" from Buckethead, but everyone knew it was a limited edition album. Therefore "Happy Holidays" had to run its own course eventually. It also doesn't make sense to me that it's considered "too different" to be a pike either. Does it make sense to say It's Alive sounds like Empty Space sounds like Underground Chamber sounds like Look Up There sounds like Balloon Cement (well BC does sound a bit like UC) which makes them real pike albums? They all sound like different albums to me

If anything, I think what makes them all fit the pike series is the sound mixing and the album artwork. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me that ever since Pepper's Ghost, Buckethead albums have been following a rather conservative sound production. Even A Real Diamond In The Rough has that same clean tone that's heard in Albino Slug and Decoding The Tomb Of Bansheebot. Maybe the pike series was made as a way of indicating a signature sound which Buckethead has finally discovered. So anything that isn't released as a pike (i.e. Electric Sea) will be an indication of Buckethead's experimental work.
Three days ago I bought Cyborg Slunks from Buckethead's Toystore since I had space on my CD shelf for one more album (this makes Cyborg Slunks the 30th Buckethead CD I've bought) which brings me to ask a few questions about the album.

1. First of all, on the website it mentioned something about Cyborg Slunks being a digipac which made me think it would be slimmer than a normal jewel case. Turns out it actually is a jewel case and is slightly too snug for my CD shelf. Was it ever a digipac to begin with, or is there any other reason it says it's a digipac in the toystore?

2. From what I understand, the track titles are Sneak Attack, Reopening Of The Scapula Factory, Infiltration, Aunt Suzie, and A New War Is Underway in that order. However, when I uploaded it onto my iTunes the tracks titles were displayed as Dawn Of The Cyborg, Living Robot Experiment, Atomic Slunk, Space Cadillac, and Congregation Of The Cyborg Slunks in that order. They're both the same tracks, but with different song titles. Why is that? (BTW, Atomic Slunk sounds like it might be a parody of Van Halen's song Atomic Punk)

3. Before I even came here I checked the Wikipedia article on Cyborg Slunks, and it does mention something about the album having a limited edition format with untitled tracks, but other than that it doesn't mention anything else about it. Is the limited edition any different from the regular release in terms of song quality or are they the same?

That's all the questions I have for Cyborg Slunks. Ever since Buckethead albums have been going out of print I've been frantically getting as many as I can get so that I won't get there too late. Haven't yet heard anything from this album. Also, as a sort of side question, does anyone know which Buckethead albums are digipacs? I already know Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse, Electric Tears, and Electric Sea are all digipacs (The Pike series might or might not count).
I'd like a copy as well. I can't promise to buy 2, but I'd consider buying a second if there are any leftovers.
That brings up another question too. In light of Bucketheadland 2, is there any word of a Buckethealand 3 in the near future? Bucketheadland 2 did get released a year late for a 10th year anniversary, perhaps unintentionally due to things like Guns N' Roses, but that could possibly be Buckethead's next big project.
General Discussion / Thanatopsis
October 30, 2004, 03:59:03 am
This topic has been moved to [link=http://www.tdrsmusic.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=TDRS;action=display;num=1100589548;start=0]TDRS artists, music and related topics[/link] by Travis.
bucketdog, I already counted you on the first post, but rustman\'s vote counts.

I went through the thread again and tallied up who wants which albums

Shadows Between The Sky: 15
Pepper\'s Ghost: 11

There was also one vote for Bucketheadland 2, but that album wasn\'t really in question. As for the tally, I only counted the votes of people who mentioned which CDs they wanted. People who said they\'d buy it 3 times or more only got 1 vote.
Hi, I just registered this forum and felt relieved to find this thread. First of all, I need to say that I\'ve been a Buckethead fan since 2006. I own 18 of his albums in CD form and 9 of them I bought here. For a while I bought them on Amazon for rediculous prices and after I found out about this site I prefered buying the albums here because they were suprisingly cheaper.

The albums I bought here are Island Of Lost Minds, Inbred Mountain, The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock, Crime Slunk Scene, Pepper\'s Ghost (just in time before it sold out), Decoding The Tomb Of Bansheebot, Albino Slug, and I bought Slaughterhouse On The Prairie and A Real Diamond In The Rough after I found out they got repressed. I wasn\'t one of the ones who pre-ordered those albums either so I felt overjoyed to get them.

Anyway, after finding this thread I felt like I needed to put in my feedback for this repressing matter. As of now the only albums I have on my list for Buckethead are Funnel Weaver, Bucketheadland 2, and Shadows Between The Sky. I looked on Amazon to find that album and it\'s not even available there on CD! If it sold out both here and Amazon I don\'t see why it\'s not getting repressed. Even on Buckethead\'s Last.fm page, songs from Shadows Between The Sky are actually peaking above A Real Diamond In The Rough. I was about to just download it off of iTunes, but seeing this thread made me hold out on just downloading it in hopes of buying it in CD form, so if Shadows Between The Sky ever gets repressed then PLEASE count me in!

I read through the whole thread so I understand this CDR topic. Well, I would prefer the CD format just because I use these CDs for my Boombox I got in the 90s so that I can play guitar over them. Not sure if that would change the outcome, but since Travis wanted feedback on that, well, I gave mine.

I also read the bit about Bucketheadland wanting to focus more on the touring. I\'m satisfied with that just as well too, because it was the first time I ever got to see Buckethead live! It was so good the first time that I had to see him again (all-though the second show was free). After seeing him both those times I even bought Metatron by Praxis since it had Meta-Matic on it. Although I noticed at the show he headlined in the Great American Music Hall he was selling his pike series there. So clearly Bucketheadland is still coming out with CDs. (also, just as a funny story, the guy who was selling the pike series didn\'t know jack about what he was selling so I taught him all about it XD)

That\'s all I\'ve got to say for now. I bet most of you thought tl;dr before you even read the first sentence of this, so I apologize for that. I also apologize if I sound too demanding. Something just compelled me to make this post though.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Thanatopsis
October 30, 2004, 03:59:03 am
Hi Travis,

Just a plea for more Thanatopsis. 1 and Axiology have not left the rotation since I purchased and I would love to hear this stuff live.  More please, thanks.