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Indeed, that's much clearer to me. In fact I can't help but agree with you on one point. His material has become much more jam oriented over the years, although I do find Look Up There to be a stand out that brings me back to songs like Siege Engine, Soothsayer and (dare I say) Nottingham Lace. However, besides Underground Chamber, I haven't heard him write anything much like Advance To The Summit, Lurker At The Threshold, or Hall Of Scalding Vats lately. Every now and then I miss that kind of material.
Quote from: beau810 on July 11, 2012, 12:49:53 amI personally want Buckethead off the road and I have said that before.  My reasoning is that I would rather him spend his time more on song writing instead of improv all the time.

You know, for a guitarist who has released so many studio albums that he is only trumped by Frank Zappa, that comment sounds very condescending the way you put it. It sounds like you're saying his method of making money is a burden to his ability to write more songs for you which he, apparently, hasn't done enough. I'm sure you meant that in a different light, but I hope you can rephrase that in a more respectable manner.
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on June 26, 2012, 09:24:07 pm
I am a very jealous man at the moment...I have to wait til he gets to Showcase Live (or any other venue around the Massachusetts area) to see him for the third time!  >:(

He played just one show close to me in the west coast in late 2009 which is when I was just getting into his music. However, that show was on a thursday, I was too young to drive, and my parents told me my homework was more important. I waited for him to come again in 2010 and it turned out that he got that spinal injury so he didn't play any shows here that I could attend and I felt like I was under a curse of never being able to see him perform. It was only until the summer of 2011 that I got the chance to see him, and I went to both shows that he played in SF. Yet, I still want to see him play again, lol. So I know how you feel man. Maybe he'll go on a touring binge in your area  ;)
Oh my, he's coming to the Fillmore in San Francisco in september. Thanks for letting me know! Looks like I'm gonna be seeing Buckethead for the third time ;D
I have no money, no available space left on my CD rack, and will not be able to order albums anytime soon since I'm moving in 6 days. But if a repress of Shadows drops this week or next week, I would still commit myself to getting a copy instantly despite all this. Anytime after next week I'd have no contraints either, so I'm pretty much getting it either way.
Sounds to me like it could just as easily be compared to the middle part of Frank Zappa's song Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
I wonder if Buckethead is gonna make a Bucketheadland 3 this year or the next maybe
Any new information? Since Balloon Cement is out now, it seems like the question of Shadows being repressed is up in the air again.
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on May 16, 2012, 02:15:52 amPFFT I knew that! (Quickly swaps cases while no one is looking)  ::) hehe. But that was kinda stoopid of me to not even think of that at first. Looks like i gotta wear the dunce hat ;)

It's not the most embarassing thing not to know that. I've gotten used to having to do that since 19% of albums that you purchase online and 4% that you purchase in record stores have jewel cases that are already broken. I usually always have some spare cases lying around when I'm expecting new albums in the mail since they're so often broken. However, if all the albums you've gotten are from Buckethead's Toystore then you probably wouldn't need to know that. Buckethead's albums are probably the most well packaged out of all the albums I've gotten in the mail (Meshuggah is a pretty close tie, though) when it comes to having unbroken CD cases.
How old is he?
Quote from: deadite on May 11, 2012, 12:37:16 am
its worth exactly what people are willing to pay.
and dont forget these are original pressings.

I haven't seen anyone buy the copies that are on sale for over $300 so it still doesn't seem like it's worth that much money.
It isn't really worth that much, but since it's currently out of print the amount of copies available give people the opportunity to overprice it rediculously. If you ask me, an album which is out of print for only a certain amount of time doesn't mean it is worth more money for that same amount of time. It isn't the same as LE's which have a certain number of copies and are only limited to that number. If it's only out of print for the time being and has a chance of being repressed then it's still a product which is reproduceable and available to everyone.
Now that I listened through the first 5 pikes I finally got the chance to hear this album the whole way through. 11 tracks to listen to and I already want more of it! I can't even decide whether my favorite song is Swomee Swan, Point Doom, El Indio, or The Homing Beacon.
Quote from: DisembodiedLoaf on May 03, 2012, 04:56:35 amI think you took that too literally... The series concept might make some people want to collect all of them.

Yeah, you're probably right. But now that I brought it up, I kinda like this idea where Buckethead might release two albums that flow seamlessly into each other.
My first Buckethead album (and first album in general for that matter) was Monsters And Robots. Most of the tracks were mostly just face melting solos, but before I had even listened to it I remembered looking at the back cover and thinking how weird it was. That back cover alone was what made me unsure if buying that album was a good idea to begin with being that I'd never owned an album before, but I did know Jump Man and wanted to hear it at least. All the tracks (except for The Shape Vs. Buckethead) were amazing and I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard that album the whole way through from start to finish. However, the songs Stun Operator and Scapula left me feeling a little shocked upon first listen. Stun Operator just had a name that sounded painful, and after getting through enough of the song it sent chills down my spine the way the guitar solo was played. It's like the sound of getting your limbs amputated without anesthesia. Scapula was pretty normal for a while until it started getting towards the end and all the instruments vanished and left me in an endless abyss. Every little sound I heard from that part of the song didn't feel like it was part of the song, but a voice I was actually hearing myself. When I was alone and I heard Scapula, I felt like I understood what it was like being a basket case.

The only other notable one I remember was Bucketheadland 2, but I got that album much more recently so I was already used to Buckethead's style. Yet the last track, Slaughterzone Exit, caught me off-guard. I'll admit, I've got a small hint of hemophobia, and I'd never heard something from an artist that made me twitch the way the sight of blood makes me twitch. Those sound effects were so gruesome, yet they were quiet so I had to actually listen closely to understand what was even going on over the sound of someone getting drilled alive. Unfortunately, that was just too much for me so I'm not gonna be listening to that track ever again...