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October 26, 2004, 07:12:32 pm
Ok, everyone has to see this show, that is the bottom line. Last night I had the pleasure at the House of Blues, great venue and I absolutely loved this show. It was such a good time. I wish you all could have been there. If you have a chance to see them please, please go. You will not be disappointed. Not to spoil it for anyone who has yet to see them but to help those who didn\'t, here are some highlights.

First I have to say to Spencer, I thought of you as this was an all ages show, I thought for sure you would have been down front with the rest of them jumping up and down, fixed on Bucketheads guitar. I tried to get a good look at what Buckethead was using as I promised, but unfortunately where I was standing, which was directly across from him, excellent spot actually, but I couldn\'t see his layout of pedals due to the monitors being in the way. So sorry about that. For all inquiring minds, I am guessing here, but believe that he only had a few pedals, as I never really saw him pressing them much and believe me I was watching him almost the whole time, I couldn\'t help it! He brilliantly did everything on the guitar itself with his hands. It was unbelievable the things that came out of that guitar, it was true Buckehead style, like on recordings, only better because it was all live. He played only one guitar the whole evening, and really it was all he needed. It was white, pretty standard, with several knobs on it. Sorry, wish I were an expert to be more specific for all of you who need to know what he was playing but that is all it was. one other thing I would like to express about his playing, as a women, intently watching this mans long beautiful hands move passionately across his instrument, well, I will just admit it, I became very envious of this Guitar. This performance, not that what I haven\'t heard already hasn\'t made me so, but I am now truly a full fledged Buckethead admirer.

Les Claypool had more pedals and gadgets and masks then Bucket did. His electric Cello that he had was fantastic. And his bass, I love the bass guitar, he is really an outstanding wielder of it, I was in aw. He had another electric thing he banged on that was just awesome, I can\'t believe the instruments they have out now and the sounds they make. It was just a tall electric stick with a bow, like for the Cello and he banged on it. At this time Buckethead came out and did a robot dance wearing a really bad Michael Jackson mask, it was a riot, the crowd went crazy it was so much fun and oh did I mention the monkey mask Les was wearing? I and everyone else was just totally into these two on that stage. And even a chicken from the coop made an appearance (I let you guys figure that one out, use your imagination) But not to leave anyone out, Brain on the drums......drummers are so cool! He is really phenomenal, anyone who can beat on a speaker case and make it sound like a whole set of drums is pretty dam cool by me.  Bernie came out at the beginning and revved everybody up on the keyboard and this awesome organ he played, what a sound. Man he was great the whole night! These guys really rocked. I would definitely see them again without question.
The sound was excellent, all the instruments sung like it was nothing thanks to their great masters playing them and everyone had a really good time. GO SEE THEM!