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Hey all, Praxis will preform tonight at the Vegoose music festival here in Las Vegas.  I am heading down to the festival in about an hour myself but I couldn\'t go without letting you all know that YOU CAN WATCH IT LIVE at AT&T blue room. Here is the link I hope it works.  
Just get there and click on Vegoose to the left of the screen. There are alot of other bands playing  today and tomorrow so tune in.  I\'ll wave at the camera if I can. heehee...  

Am I going completely mental or did I read on here somewhere that Ramy was touring with Seal? I have searched and searched for the thread but I must have lost my super sleuth power today. Seal will be playing here in September and was curious to know if Ramy is involved. I like Seal but it would be even more worth it just to see Ramy!  Anyone?
Hey Travis, love the Newest Releases bar up top. Very nice addition to the forum. Can\'t wait to taste the soup!
Ooooh yeah good one g, pest away! Maybe Lindy can join the guys when the Thanatopsis gig comes up. That would be like a two for one!  or maybe a 4 for one heehee ;D
Thanks a lot Travis. Yes the artwork is very nice but did you have to go and tease me with the Simper download??  ;D

Great job guys! I really can\'t wait for this.  :-*

WoooHoooo!! Anatomize and now this! Can\'t wait.

Personal note to D.O.D. : Vol. 1 was a hit at Christmas!!

Curious: Will these be numbered and signed also?

TDRS artists, music and related topics / Electric Tears
December 30, 2005, 07:25:42 pm
URG! I do not know what I did but I only wanted to edit and ended up deleteing my original post!

Previous Post: (or something like it anyway)

Have we talked about this before? I know I am still a Buckethead virgin but really I thought I had read all of the conversations here on the forum about the B-man and all his works. I was in Tower Records and as I always do when in a record store I check to see what they have in stock of Buckethead's work. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I of course didn't leave the store without it; it was the only copy, and WOW!  This is truly an amazing piece of work! I have listened to it closely now a couple times and haven't fully taken it all in yet, but is this a rare find? The copyright says 2002, where have I been?  There was also a copy of Colma but I couldn't remember if Travis carried it or not, but after checking up in the TDRS stores I know now that I need to go back and get it as well. I do hope I am not rambling, I just had to share my excitement for this with those who understand.  

My edit was to be this:
I now own Colma as well, and it is amazing, as equally impressive.

Thanksgiving was supposed to be in LA, but life jammed that up - so there went seeing Buckethead - and it happened so last minute i didn\'t even get to call anyone (sngwthme, that means you!) to say "pick up the tickets and see the show on us".  it was a total fiasco bummer.

 :\'( That is a bummer, the plan was to run over and catch the show, but relatives showed up and I played guitar and sang with my uncle at the family gathering, so that kind of out weighed a road trip. But I would have helped you out no problem!!  :-*

QuoteHave you ever heard  Lindy and Travis jam ?  

Unfortunately no. I at least have not had that pleasure and would hold no opposition if they would like to share that with us.

QuoteAxiology is pure instrumental, and it is brilliant. Travis and Bucket outdid themselves. I highly recommend it.

And let us not forget Ramy. Sorry I have a thing for the drums, but besides that he is also quite brilliant!
An awesome trio! Cant wait for T3 to be released.  

Quoteany suggestions? what about thanatopsis?

There is no way to get Thanatopsis without Axiology. You have to have both of them. They are a must for any CD collection.
Please add my name to the petition. Thanks!
Thank you Burton Dickerson! This book is so much fun!
I received them, got two, on Monday, thanks Travis, and have shared them with everybody. They are a hit!
I am keeping one for myself of course and the other is a gift that I know my brother will enjoy just as much.        I hope we will have the pleasure of seeing more of this in the future. It made my week!
Thank you again!

This is great news. Will there be a limit per person? Not that I want all of them but would like to order a couple.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Help?
June 01, 2005, 08:54:07 am
QuoteWhere is the Bucketman?

Hopefully locked up in the studio with Travis and Ramy putting the finishing touches on Thanatopsis 3.

Hey one can hope right?   ;)

How do people get away with this?
I am disgusted when I hear about things like this. Can not the artists go after those who are putting these things on places such as Ebay? and how can Ebay allow it?
I just dont understand.
Well ,you can put me down for at least two copies whichever way you decide to go. What a riot! I love it!