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Quote from: DroidHunter13 on April 27, 2012, 05:03:36 pm
Well, just got to reading all these posts, and...well, ya got to me, and I feel kinda guilty about posting them. I really would take them down, but someone else (Polipoli8) also has all of the songs uploaded to Youtube as well. So even if I take mine down, people could still use the Youtube-MP3 converter and download the songs without paying. I'm sorry  :'(

Not to pour salt in the wound, but.... With in 7 years that album will be downloaded atleast 2-3000 times for free, maybe more... That's roughly $30,000.00 down the drain that big-b was counting on. The Internet has officially f**ked the music industry(unless you're Justin bieber). However, with out the Internet 85% of us bucket-bots would have never have known of buckets existence. So I dunno what to think. Life is cruel, I do know that for sure. But overall I think bucket is pretty happy and he expects this sort of nonsense to happen. It's apart of the music game these days. But it's up to his TRUE fans to help keep that crap to a minimum. Ya dig ?
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on April 25, 2012, 07:24:12 pm
It was released on Itunes last week. I bought all the tracks and uploaded them to Youtube, too. I also sent the Pikes site an email about a physical release, and they told me that it will be released sometime next month.

You put them ALL on YouTube? *face palm* jeez...

You better donate a buck for every five views you get because 1 in 5 people will download it with a "YouTube downloader" for free and then the music will end up on a torrent site because of you.  I think putting a sample up would have been cool, but the whole song? No....
Quote from: rustman1984 on April 22, 2012, 10:49:04 pm
i'm down for a copy and 1 for peppers ghost. i've bought all the cds off this site that i like from BH and paid over 100$ so my word is good. if a preorder pay now were in state to get em repressed, i'd do it. if that's the issue people npt paying after having said they would just have X amount of time for peple to pay and if the orders aren't don't meet the minimin requirment then call it off and never bother w/ it again. make us put the $$ were our mouth is.

I think Travis just stated they will be moving forward with the repress after some details are worked out.  ;)
I downloaded it, listened through a few times at work yesterday. I dunno... I'm on the fence about this one. IA and 3ftC are still the stand-outs of the pikes series. So far... The rest are just? Well? I can't get into them. I'm the type of guy that doesn't really appreciate something that has to grow on me. My one exception would be blueprints, I was like wtf :o? First time through. Now I love that friggin album! It's so playful and random! But it works.

After listening to great work such as: PG, EMAC, NTT, GR, ET & BHL2 when I hear stuff that seems quickly thrown together, I just kinda scratch my head and say "whaaat? Really?". But I suppose that's what one would expect from a complete psychotic madman with a bucket on his head ;)

Keep up the great work bucket! I get it, you're nuts and that's why we love ya! You're in good company... If it wasn't for the random, experimental and quirky stuff you do, it just wouldn't be the same, the park would be too linear and predictable. But it's a bloody f***ing mess! Hands, heads and entrails everywhere!! Good times! Im damn proud to be a bot! 8)
I'd rather pay for a sbts LE than another best regards LE anyday. Maybe a different album cover with a bonus track or 2 for the LE batch too.

I think the only solution would be for Travis to tell us exactly how many copies he would need to sell to cover the initial investment of repressing the discs. Then have a pre-order of that amount so Tdrs and bucket don't go into the "red" on this endeavor. So if we at least cover the initial cost, the rest will be gravy for them. Even if it takes a year or 2 to sell the rest it would still be worth it. I don't think there is enough posts here to make that happen...yet.

If all of you are really serious about this, perhaps Travis could shoot us a number of pre-orders he would like to get to before pressing. And a signed and numbered batch of repressings would make it a bit more desirable for bots that already have that wedge. Money talks and empty promises walks.
Buckethead is showing a pulse! I'm def going to the buffalo show now! Well well well!! Yes!!!

Please bring back the deli creeps!   >:(
Bob is my hero... Happy b-day! Need deli creeps tour ASAP.

Well that was wank-tastic. I hope the tour brings actual music this year... Or it might be like listening to isot live :-[   :'(
It's psticks. If ya watch the binge tapes or any early footage you'll see him.