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Quote from: beau810 on July 09, 2012, 05:02:29 pm

Looking for playing the exact thing live would easily go to John, but in my eyes Bucket can do that... if he wanted to devote his time to playing the same thing over and over again. 

I believe the general vibe here is that people want a NEW setlist (for years now). soothsayer is not even close to the studio version. It's basically just improv... I could go on....

But I don't really want to debate with you or anyone for that matter. I still enjoy bucket for what he does.  He will just simply not be in my top 5 of greatest guitarists. And that's my problem, no one else's. It kinda sucks when you're exposed to so much and can do so much yourself on an insturment that it kinda takes the magic away form certain performers...
I don't look at it as a popularity contest. Buckethead's top videos on YouTube have millions of hits. So people know who he is.....

Thumbtack personality or not. John is a world class musician, plays extremely complex pieces of music and is consistent LIVE.  Bucket tends to noodle live these days. Hell even that EMO tard syn gates plays his solos consistent with the album recordings! I hate syn gates btw.

When I hear an album, I'm excited to see it done live. Bucket does not deliver. His shows are fun and I love seeing him, but after the first 45 mins I tend to get bored. I've been to 3 shows. Maybe if I wasn't a guitarist myself I wouldn't notice it as much.... My buddies that are musicians that I brought to 2 of his shows had the same vibe and passed on the third show.

When I saw dream theater my mind was blown from start to finish. 20 minute long intricate songs played perfectly. Jordan Rudess is amazing to watch at those shows as well.

Bucket is very special to me nevertheless an I cherish a lot of his work. But after listening to him for 6-7 years, seeing him live and after watching hundreds of his videos on YouTube. He just can't compete with most of the virtuosos out there. Not that its a competition or anything... Even given all of that I am still a fan and I will continue to buy albums and support him. The persona, the mystery and his unique metal writing ability all still has me intrigued. Still damn proud to be a bot! But I give respect where respect is due. That's why I voted for John...
And no, it's not on dawn of the deli creeps... It's a shame damn shame they don't preform together anymore. I watch more deli creeps performances on YouTube than I watch buckethead by himself. The deli creeps are BOSS!
I believe the song is called "bend up". One of the verses goes, "I wanna park my pink wagon on your brown street". Great tune :)
I just wanted to add that inbred mountain is the best instrumental metal record of all time. I would personally give one of my limbs to buckethead if he played the whole album live note-for-note. I still get chills when I listen to it....... So f**king good!
He went up against John Petrucci.... From a musical standpoint...I felt compelled to vote for John. He's just amazing and his work with dream theater is mind blowing. Most of John's solos differ from one another and he is consistent with the arrangements live. B only has one or two major stand-out solos (that he can play live consistently, I go by live performances when I vote these things) and the rest are usually just the same/similar improvisation. Sorry B  :'( I still love ya and have a tremendous amount of respect for your metal song writing ability. The improv is getting a bit stale and I'd love to hear some new licks :)

I hope we see a new setlist  :)
And I hope he comes by the east coast too ;)
Hahaha! Not bad at all for 15! Plays better than I did at 15 anyway! He might be on to something with the crossdressing... What you ask? I just don't know.
I have an amazing soothsayer cover I did that's already mastered and ready to go. I can send you the mp3 via email if you want to add it to the album :).  I need to know what you are gonna do with the album first though. I don't want money (just album credit) for the song. If anyone else wants a copy of my cover pm me your email.
Well, my copy is worth $245.00 to me... I love it! I got one of the last ones. It was officially oop shortly after I bought my copy.
I'm looking for prints no.2 and 3. If there are any serious sellers with these prints for sale in near PERFECT condition let me know. I will consign through TDRS only and I will cover the extra cost(s)...

Quote from: robotpie3000 on May 03, 2012, 01:17:21 pm
well nubbins and tempbucketdog, I shall tell you, that I listened to Balloon Cement in youtube already, but I haven't brought the album yet. In fact, whenever a new CD comes up, I always see if I can her some song in youtube before deciding if it is worth or not to buy. What's the point of spending $10 - $15 on something you might just listen to once? Unless you are an avid collector, the money aint worth it if that is the case. And I never have seen any legit sources stating statistics and facts about youtube negatively hindering Buckethead album sales. Unless you can convince me other wise I'd say you are typing purely out of emotion of your concern for the bucket, which is good, but to be frank, if it wasn't for the people uploading songs or videos on youtube, I doubt the Bucketehad fan base would be as large as it is now. Without Youtube, there will be no robotpie, there will be no other tdrs members, there will be no other tk members.
I agree with you mostly RP3000. I said in my first post my thoughts about the Internet and buckethead. It's a double edged sword. Prolly more beneficial than anything. But still true fans should not be uploading full songs on YouTube and that's the bottom line. Let the idiots that want attention for their YouTube page do that.

I have no more to say about or to bucketfel, I might as well be talking to a brick wall and that's prolly why nubbins hasn't replied to his comment. It's pointless......and aggravating. Especially the part where he said he "encourages downloading". I don't care what the circumstances are, get a job and work like the rest of us do and spend some cash on the man who changed our musical world, he deserves it. So whatever.
Quote from: Nubbins on April 29, 2012, 05:08:06 am
Yeah, I think it's pretty pathetic sign of the times when we've reached a point where we openly talk about how we uploaded Buckethead's albums on the forum of one of his main vendors! Come on people! You saw what happened with the Young Buckethead stuff years back, yet you still don't seem to grasp that the effects of this uploading/downloading are very real for a small time artist like Buckethead.

Bucketfel, you are talking out of your behind, kid. "It's up to true fans to enjoy the music"? What does that even mean? How is it someone's responsibility to like something? It doesn't even make sense. I know you've come under fire for downloading Bucket's music several times in the past, yet it seems you continue to do so and defend it to boot, so I'm sure nothing I say is going to change your mind or make you get it. The least you could do is just stay quiet about it rather than encourage it, especially since you obviously don't have anything of any substance to say.

Droidhunter13, uploading Balloon Cement was wrong, and you should take it down immediately. Yes I realize that other users have uploaded it as well, but you're not helping the situation by uploading it again and making it easier for people to find. Pointing at someone else and saying "well he did it too" doesn't make it alright.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Back on topic, yes Balloon Cement is real and it's a very fun album. Recommend purchasing it highly. :D

Quote from: Bucketfel on April 28, 2012, 06:45:54 am
Quote from: Tempbucketdog on April 28, 2012, 03:19:16 am
Quote from: DroidHunter13 on April 27, 2012, 05:03:36 pm
Well, just got to reading all these posts, and...well, ya got to me, and I feel kinda guilty about posting them. I really would take them down, but someone else (Polipoli8) also has all of the songs uploaded to Youtube as well. So even if I take mine down, people could still use the Youtube-MP3 converter and download the songs without paying. I'm sorry  :'(

Not to pour salt in the wound, but.... With in 7 years that album will be downloaded atleast 2-3000 times for free, maybe more... That's roughly $30,000.00 down the drain that big-b was counting on. The Internet has officially f**ked the music industry(unless you're Justin bieber). However, with out the Internet 85% of us bucket-bots would have never have known of buckets existence. So I dunno what to think. Life is cruel, I do know that for sure. But overall I think bucket is pretty happy and he expects this sort of nonsense to happen. It's apart of the music game these days. But it's up to his TRUE fans to help keep that crap to a minimum. Ya dig ?

Its up to true fans to enjoy the music. Only that will help bucket. ;D

Whaaat? So you're saying stolen or not; as long as they are enjoying it that's what will help bucket? I'm sure he's flattered by that sentiment, but his wallet isint!