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Can read the price. Does it say $11.99? Better buy that!
Quote from: nick_reinstein on October 29, 2012, 11:01:25 pm
I got the downloads the day they came out on bucketheadpikes.com, then loaded those into iTunes.  There was no composer information.

Well... There is with my physical copy.
Ya know something else that's interesting concerning buckethead audio files. When I uploaded Shores of malokai CD to my iTunes, the composer info was quite interesting...
Update: SOM is still the best pike! The title track got me pulled over because I speed when it's blasting through my Bose sound system! Oh, soo good....

What amount of prepays would justify a repressing? 100-200 people? Again I don't blame Tdrs for shunning the idea, but out of curiosity what type of figure would you need? Ever thought of a super limited run with extra content and additional album art for incentive? There's a way this would work to make it a profitable endeavor... Maybe not a $100k endeavor, but there's nothing wrong with making a few extra grand here and there...
These are sad times for the music industry. Not only for Tdrs and buckethead but also for upcoming talents. It seems the talent is getting better and better as the years progress but there is not market for them anymore... All of these mind boggling talents will be essentially left hanging with no exposure because of theifs screwing up the industry.

So if you have ever uploaded a song to YouTube, a pirate/share site, ect ect. You can thank yourself for f**king up people's life's work and art from being a viable source of income, to just a hobby. Shame on you... I've only downloaded Giant Robot NTT because it's almost impossible to get a hard copy, but in turn I have spent a small fortune on ALL my other buckethead music.

I don't blame them at all for being skeptical about repressing SBTS.
The title track is SO EPIC!!!!!! Omfg I'm in love again! ;D :o ;D :o ;D
After some sour wedges... There's this f**king beast of an album! Yes yes yes!!! So fresh, so tasty! That's our boy!!! His metal writing is the best!

So far it feels like a modernish/ heavyish album with a buckethead roundhouse kick to the face! So awesome  :D :D :D
Try not to post this one on YouTube please... (to droidhunter)

The samples sound great, I'm actually excited for this one!

I couldnt watch the whole thing... I'm certainly not upset that he didn't add east coast dates if it's gonna be like this.  :'(

I have a sealed el stew 2. Make me an offer via PM.
So I saw this on eBay and was compelled to buy it because I've never seen this DVD before. But half way through the bidding the item was cancelled and no further bids were accepted. If this is a real DVD, where can I buy it? If its a boot, where can I download it? And if it is a boot, it's f**ked up someone is trying to profit off B with out permission......

^^ 100% agreed

Bucket may not be in my personal top 5. But he's the coolest, strangest and most intriguing musician I am a fan of  :) that's why I keep coming back.

Although, I wonder if he'll ever play as "himself" and not buckethead? That would be an interesting chapter in this story... A chapter I wouldn't mind indulging in.
No need to say sorry, fellow bot. If that's how ya feel then good for you, we both appreciate big-b on different levels, enjoy the experience in our own way and that's what is important.  I have zero animosity towards him, I just tend to criticize his soloing sometimes... Aside from his soloing I think he is a pure genius. And I LOVE his metal style!!!

The only guitarists I will never criticize/question are Shawn Lane, Guthrie Govan and Andres Segovia. They are absolute masters of the instrument... In my opinion of course. And to round off my top 5 I will add Nuno Bettencourt and Steve Morse. Buckethead falls in there shortly there after :)