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Political and Social Discussions / Sarah Palin
October 25, 2010, 01:40:02 pm
I always get an onslaught of Obama hate everytime I post an anti-Sarah Palin post, but what is the deal with Sarah Palin?  And why does Rush Limbaugh think she\'s the most suitable candidate for presidency?  Palin is clearly a fake, and a joke.  I mean, come on!  She can\'t even remember the 4 basic principles of the Tea Party, and had to write them on her hand!  Let alone her complete lack of knowledge about foreign countries.  Too many botched interviews where she just spew out a sea of words that don\'t make any sense.

Saying Sarah Palin is more qualified than other Republican candidates is just like saying that Chad Kroeger can play guitar better than Buckethead.

And no, I\'m not a "raging liberal" or a "huge Obama supporter".  
Crime Slunk Scene is a damn good album!
Which other BH albums does this one compare to?
Yeah I will probably buy Albino Slug from itunes.  I couldn\'t find Pepper\'s Ghost or Crime Slunk Scene for cheap anywhere, so I just bought those from itunes as well.  

(I hope apple plays the artists their fair cut they deserve)
Quote[glb]I have never saw critism about Albino Slug.
However I think it\'s very cool almost every song is cool...

I was referring to the music elitists on
Why so much hate about Abino Slug?  I looked it up online, and see mostly poor or mediocre reviews.  I listened to some of it on youtube, and thought it sounded pretty damn good, in my opinion, and had some really solid riffs.  

Oh well, to each his own