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I\'d kill to be that guy.
My brother showed me this clip awhile ago and it was stuck in my head for 2 months, singing it everywhere. If hes touring im defiantly seeing that show. Nice find.
I\'m about to have a heart attack with all these new releases of awesome music.

His hands turn into blurs.
I\'m already trying to get 1-2 cds every payday. so the collection is defiantly growing and supporting these guys. Just so many new releases i haven\'t gotten much of a chance to grab the older stuff. Soon, very soon.
Ordered, even though i already bought Eo\'s off of iTunes from my phone as soon as i heard about it. Thanks Travis.
I\'m getting excited for it, it\'ll be an excellent way to cap off the week!
Thanks travis.  :D

Honestly surprised it didn\'t sell out sooner.
Honestly I just noticed Travis had a forum so I checked it out and what a suprise, bucket is releasing another LE!! Yes! Click! Ordered!

Also just recieved best regards last week which is amazing.

Thanks to Travis and Buckethead. ;D