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I don\'t believe I opened any of them. Was it opened?
Dang that got there way faster than I thought it would, glad you like it now jam out all day.  ;D ;D ;D

Yeah you didn\'t give a name so I just used you username, also had to do it with boxenstiens cd. Still funny though.
QuoteNot even a bit funny.

^^ that is however.
Yes. This is also getting out of control.
Everyone does that so no, unless your not alone.
Quote^^^^ hey man. Give him a break. He was being generous and doesn\'t need that crap, bro. I do weird shit like that all the time. For instance: when my hunny comes over I tend to wear her thongs on my head and sniff sniff sniff ;D. He he he......! Nuttin\' wrong with doing things out of the "norm". That was a nice thing you did pawn.

Thanks for the support, but im not going to get flustered over "inserts sarcasm", and im sure he does some things out of the norm that he\'s not willing to tell us.
Just merely a quality test. That\'s all.
Yes I have.
Man these are arriving faster than i\'d thought, but thats a good thing. Yeah she definitely looks better in it than i did.

Thats awesome, and it got to you super fast. Glad you like it.
Alright guys I just shipped the "presents" off, I\'m not the richest guy in the land so I apologize if it takes awhile to get to ya. But merry christmas again.
My pleasure.  :D
You got it, pm your info.

Everything has been spoken for, I\'ll try to ship these out Monday or Tuesday.

okay, so far.

Boxenstien - Gorgone
Deeg - LH
gb714us - anatomize
Viking - Icon
JeweliaGoulia - shirt

still have one more LH left.
Thanks guy, i\'d like to give them to people who will actually appreciate them.

Also turns out i have 2 LH so one more is available for mailing to you guys.

Boxenstien gorgone is yours, PM shipping info.
gb714us anatomize is your, "       same        ".
Trev_dog Choose one.
deeg, you can get LH. gb714us already claimed it.

So all thats left is 2 LH, and Icon and the shirt. Ill probably try to ship them monday after i get off work.