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General Discussion / Re: Good movie anyone?
February 03, 2009, 06:31:15 am
Gran Torino!!! love that movie

if you havent seen it you gotta! :)
General Discussion / Re: Buckethead likes what?
April 12, 2009, 06:34:23 am
ya, you heard the pieces or the deli creeps? they make refrences all the time  8)

I\'d really like to hear some of the new Viggo Mortensen/Buckethead collab. "Reunion" before buying it.

Can someone post some samples or a track or two somewhere for streaming?  I haven\'t been able to find it anywhere.

Also, for those who have it, what do you think of it?
when will we see some Travis Dickerson dates?? :)
who do you think he\'s going to perform with? im going to guess mr ipod and hopefully be surprised with a live band. last tour the opposite happened to me :(
o. haha. is that the slash episode where they compare slash to santa?
i am going to add to what i said earlier since this thread seems to be staying on that topic.

another reason i think we arent seeing more of buckethead\'s newest albums live is because the set up he\'s in now wouldn\'t work for a large portion of his songs (including the newer stuff).  to successfully pull of songs from the holiday album for example, and a lot of the older stuff too, i think buckethead would have to be accompanied by a metal drummer and a rhythm guitarist in addition to monti on bass.

pinch is good, but he\'s more of a rock drummer.. monti usually programs some pretty sick metal beats, so basically a drummer that skilled and that style.  also, the added depth of two guitars would be (and is on all the album versions) really sweet. and a lot of buckethead\'s songs require two guitars anyway.

i really like the trio lineup for the songs they are playing now. but in the future to really showcase buckethead\'s solo work live i would like to see the lineup with the metal drummer, rhythm guitar, and bass.
siege engine is sorta new.. at least new for this lineup. thatd be cool to see.

i feel like last tour he was able to incorporate more newer songs cuz he didnt have to worry whether the band knew the songs. but id still like to see a few more new songs this tour..

but like he said^ whtever is cool. but ill miss asylum of glass
did he play any newer songs?
this is so stupid an phony, but pretty funny
buckethead has had the most singles this year...
if hes starting a tour i hope a band is involved...
this is the new buckethead studio les paul and not the buckethead signature les paul model?

can you post a link to some info on this new studio guitar?
lol. i thought travis was talking about the omniscient god at first!!

then i realized he was probably talking about buckethead. ha