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that\'s sacramental
Chris moss I\'m so sorry to hear about your nan.  Is this the first person you loved that died? If so welcome to the club.  Don\'t worry everyone grieves in their own way and you have just begun this time.   Death is a very patient but relentless teacher.  That\'s a nice tune for nan.  Maybe you\'ll feel like making another too.  May nan inspire you in ways you never imagined.  Death is a powerful muse.
QuoteI think it\'s really cool that this area is here. Lots of forums tolerate people posting thier music, but few actually encourage it. Sweet. Some people think I play country, but I never. It\'s more of a swampstomp kinda blues/funk, in the vein of Jerry Reed and Dr. John and such. I\'m from Louisiana, and I suppose it shows.  ;D :P
hey there the_fawnky_fangerz i respected how you started with the ancestors music.  then swampthang! i like that rhythm and that 2d break got really swampy nice!   salvation sounded good but shoot i didnt hear the whole thing yet :P
Quote   To offer commentary on another persons work, be it painting, music, writing, is not smart,even by invitation. The modest response..."nice painting\' is safe but superficial. Criticism is a wholly subjective viewpoint and cant be taken seriously. However the person who took the giant step and did the painting in the first place must be taken seriously and deserves high praise. That is called commitment and is very worthy.   Looking at your painting on the screen is like listening to music over the phone. Lastly there is intent on the part of the artist. I doubt that your painting is just a picture of a doll. There surely is meaning and content beyond that. The viewer reads in the meaning  and is usually wrong.  I recall several years ago trying to decipher the deeper meaning in the lyrics of one of my sons  music.His response was....geez, dad, its  just a song!     DOD

Praise the Jean Claude Cliche cadre!  Praise them with great Praise!

Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Seeking advise
December 16, 2004, 02:02:07 am
o most definitely solid spruce top !!!!!!  Do Not go laminate even if its cheaper.  acoustic guitars make lots of their sound from the resonance of the sound box.  solid top resonates and sounds infinitely better.  shiny finish stiffens the top a bit but it resists dings so thats ok.  if its one of the box sets still take the guitar out of the box and play it. they are usually strung.  but mostly be sure to sight down the length of the neck and see that the neck isnt warped.  you never know and that would be really really bad- good luck and have funsies!
ok i see what you mean moss.  you were talking genre.  that was some good reading!  yeh i thot Acid would be trippy.  that was the quality that first came to my mind when you said like water running~~~~~~~
Quoteanti dance? nah, i like to Corrupt disco beats. make it all weird like...but it took it\'s toll last time i did a beat splicer track...so im dead for this weekend.

and as for watery feeel, i can understand.. but it\'s mainly Acid Bass lines...im going to try and do a Very Acid track maybe some time soon. it\'ll be like water running out of a tap/fossit
beat splicer track corruption weird dead disco dance. you mean like when the tap is blasting full open? that is intense. i like the idea of Acid Bass and Acid tracks.  im guessing that Acid is something you add electronically to the mix?  i am clueless right now that way
To start with i have a new song, Called "Bastard Theft".

Chris moss: My Friends car got broken into and stole a pair of sunglasses and one of my cassettes and some throat sweets... so i dedicated this to my friend.

i like Theft Bastard better :P
That was very Refreshing, like taking a long hot shower to wash off an unpleasant experience.  the sound was very watery, kinda drippy like a downpour.
didnt you say yur new direction was antidance? fyi i was bobbing like a buoy and might have danced a bit if i wasnt still so groggy :)
kewl.  every day that goes by i figure more about the different electronic tangents that can come together to a point in the sound coming frm the amp.  ok this squire may be a brick but thats ok i am grateful!  fun with sound :) music is (a big big part of) my life :)

hey! my squire is red maybe like your telecaster.  i like how red is too.
thanks chris.  Strat Pack.  im already thinking of trading the whole thing in and spending more to get a better guitar and amp.  can you believe it?  believe it.  the action is so high on this squire.  even more i think because i was getting fret buzz and so gordon the guitar tech guy tweaked it.  but the D string is still buzzing and the action is high?!?!?  wth?  so i think the neck is freaky or something.  maybe he didnt adjust that, just went with the saddle adjustments.  anyway im still having fun no matter.  i like to play loud.  i like how the sound SUSTAINS i love love love that about electric guitars i love it so much!  so so so
it is one of those cheapo fender squire stratocasters made in indonesia  with 3 single coil pickups and this 15w practice amp with gain.  im pretty happy so far altho i know i want to explore pedal effects and ill prob change out the pickups at some point too and get a better amp and and and :D
Your art, music, projects and links / caper goes electric
December 17, 2004, 04:50:45 pm
oh yeah baby.  electric guitar is in the house.  i am having beaucoup de fun!  already im thinking about adding pedal effects hehe.  its fun playing on the deck of the titanic innit?
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Christmas gig
December 23, 2004, 10:31:28 pm
hello so here i am again-
the kazoos didnt form a chorus exactly, not yet.  we are definitely going to do that again. i love rehersals too.  i might be able to edit a clip for you of the talent show, not sure yet.

it was great.  this song is like a martial arts anthem because of how it is in that famous trilogy movie with jet li.   it is a chinese song so it has this interesting rhythm.  and its in a minor key, yum my favorite.  its funny how the sentiment is so positive even though the melody is in a minor key.  most the songs i like in minor keys are sad songs.  

the song is sung in mandarin. so i put together these english lyrics from a cross section of some wooden translations and movie subtitles.      it looks like we are going to make it our kwoon anthem and sing it after the lions dance.  i hope you enjoy them too-

with pride we face 10,000 storms
we rise up like the sun at dawn
forged in courage
steely spirit
eyes open wide
vision reaching high
we vow to be our dream:
a hero team

to be a hero team
we must train everyday
righteous hero team
keep shining like the sun!

sky and sea give power to our team
we make our destiny
dreams will lead the charge forward
see the sky so blue and high
the sea so deep and wide
heros strong and bright

standing strong and straight and proud we are
the hero team
others see the light
because we shine so bright

to be a hero team
our spirits must burn bright
brighter than the sun!
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Christmas gig
December 18, 2004, 12:01:50 am
that sounds really great.  i love dickens!  and pub carols omg.  live!

its the holiday pot luck talent show at my kung fu school tomorrow.  me and my mates are doing an electric cover of the theme song from the jet li movie once upon a time in china.  lee is gonna play sax on the breaks and there will be a kazoo chorus too.  maybe ill post clips from it if i can figure out how-
acceeeed !? ok! hey i want to hear this but it isnt there anymore ???