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Thanks for the response.  Just wanted to say that I am also very much an album guy, myself.  And wouldn't suggest it so much for the Thanatopsis material.  I think any fan willing to by a "Best of" Thanatopsis would just as much be willing to buy an Axiology double vinyl.

If this vinyl thing ends up being lucrative and you wanted to then put some Buckethead on vinyl.  The compilation idea might be a good way to test the waters while keeping it to a single LP.  "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits" compilations don't work for me because they always contain songs that you've heard on the radio a billion times and leaves out the good album cuts that the real fans want.   One compilation that comes to mind that works at give the listener new ways to hear familiar material is Tom Waits' Beautiful Maladies.  He, the artist, hand picked those songs and he doesn't have any hits to begin with.  So arranging songs from one portion of his career made for an fresh listen.

Again, the only reason I'd suggest that for Buckethead's material is it solves the keeping it to one LP situation and gives something a little new to the fanbase.  I for one would like to see any of it get pressed on vinyl.  Of course if there was one Buckethead release on TDRS that there was on overwhelming demand/sales for, making it an easy pick then that's another story.

I may be getting to far ahead...one step at a time...here's hoping to see Axiology get pressed!

Travis, another thing to consider is to make compilation albums on vinyl.  Whether it be an all Thanatopsis comp or a "Buckethead on TDRS" comp etc.  That might resolve some of the reduced fan base issue. 
I saw the PO vinyl the other day and just wrote it off as a bootleg pressed from cd but now i'm liking the odds of it being legit so i ordered one. 

What box was saying was to take off a track or two for it to fit on one vinyl.  Which isn't a bad idea but I'd be down with a double vinyl especially with the incentive of bonus material.  I think most people buying to listen would prefer the double and accept the up-charge.  Thou doing the double vinyl would most likely lose some (but not all) of the people that would buy it to hang on their wall.  And also some of the people wanting to buy two. 

Another thing to consider...  When Mr.Bungle originally released Disco Volante it was one long song over the vinyl limit so they cut Platypus from the LP but included a 7" of Platypus along with the LP
Actually since it'll be super limited, you can put me down for two copies for sure. 

Also Travis, posting this on your facebook page might get some more views that we need on this.
Definitely interested in buying any Bucket on vinyl.  Hope this gets legs
"Yep, he's a penguin fucker"

acrylic on 12X16 canvas

oh and thanks matt!  yes you should own some of my work just as i should own some of your money ;)

and yes duck, that is were i refer people to if they haven't heard of Krampus..better than wiki

Acrylic on roughly 12X18 slab o' wood (spraypaint background)
Get Well Duck!  :o
my ChopTop paintings were getting lonely

"Bubba" acrylic on 16X20 canvas
not at all duck!  i should have used a better emoticon...this one's sassy :-*
i'll put a print of that in with your zombiescapes prints

here's some somewhat new stuff and some somewhat old stuff

thanks quack!  hey, nice avatar ???

acrylic on 11X14 canvas board
Lord Kang!  spraypaint and acrylic on 24X30 canvas
here's a link to this year's "Zombiescapes" they are now Sold Out

9X12 on canvas board