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I've wondered that myself. Probably BH saying "Buckethead was here" Who knows?
Why has "Crime Slunk Scene" not been re-released?
Politics are by nature false, an attempt to make people like you without looking too closely at your plans and actions. The alternative? To my knowledge, nothing. People have a tendency to have to like you before they listen to you, leaving those who are brilliant but don\'t present themselves well to not have a chance in an election. People are just shallow by nature.
That\'s Great, Travis! I\'m a Chronic collector who can\'t seem to get enough Buckethead and thanks to you I\'ve been exposed to a world of outrageous musicians I never would have found. Having other collectors showing what they have will be a fantastic opportunity to indulge my ears and my brain!
Whose picture is on the Crime Slunk Scene CD?? Possibly BH???
When will Buckethead be on tour in Texas, especially in the Austin or San Antonio area. I saw him in Austin this year. It ruined me for other concerts. I will never see a better artist. Totally beyond anone I\'ve ever even heard of. BUCKETHEAD RULES!
I\'d love to have a Buckethead beanie or cap. Is this going to be a possibility? Also, while I\'m thinking of it, I WANT A BUCKETHEAD ACTION FIGURE!!!!!!  Really though, beanies would really be a popular item, at least among people around where I live.
I have 26 CDs of Buckethead in various groups. For what you seem to like you should check out Sacrifist by Prasis. It\'s a little over the edge but when I first put it in the CD palyer in my truck I left it there for a long time. It\'s my taste bur I think you\'ll like it.
All I can say about any new releases by Buckethead is "KEEP \'EM COMING!!!!" ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I have 26 CDs form various BH groups and I ALWAYS have something that is what I am in the mood for. He is a master at every style and mood he plays. Long Live Buckethead!