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Cheers for the tips, only listened to a few from the list so far, hard to find some of it. The Ceephax, Luke Vibert & Plastikman stuff is very cool though.
Hey thanks for all your free music :) I meant to put a post in one of your older threads here but completely forgot.... I\'ve not been listening to Acid for long but i think what you\'re doing is great.

You have any recommendations for other stuff i should check out? Basically all i have at the moment is the AFX Analord series and a couple of your releases.
Looks like a very nice painting indeed, looking forward to seeing the whole image. I like the area on the back of the hand especially, the skin tone is really well observed.
You can find the most current results for animal intelligence research by googling \'animal cognition\'. It\'s widely accepted in current scientific thinking that pigs are amongst the most intelligent animals on earth. Horses are not regarded to have the same level of intelligence.

But like you have both acknowledged in your last posts, the idea that eating horses is wrong is totally cultural. There is no logical reasoning behind it whatsoever. If it were\'nt for the fact that horses are cute, and can be ridden, there would be no debate about this at all.

Every little girl wants a horse to ride, not a pig.
That\'s kind of an odd assumption to make. I live in a rural area of England, and my best friend as a kid lived on a farm so i have spent a lot of time around farm animals.

I don\'t understand the argument that intelligence dictates whether something should be eaten or not. If that were the case then i see no reason why horses would be off limits. For instance a pig is on at least the same level of intelligence as a horse (i would say greater), they can also be extremely affectionate towards humans and make excellent pets. How do you feel about eating Pigs?

I have never eaten horse myself by the way, not because i would\'nt but just that i have never been anywhere that serves it. I would it eat it though if it were offered to me.
Just out of interest are you guys vegetarians? If not then how come horses deserve not to be eaten but cows and sheep etc.. do?

I don\'t mean to sound rude because everyone is entitled to their opinioins on the matter, i just don\'t get what the difference is between eating a horse or eating a cow.
Thanks for the link, that looks like a nifty piece of kit there.
Thanks for your reply, that clears things up quite a bit. When i read that he used a drum machine for some of the albums, i just equated that with making the beats out of seperate samples rather than having larger sections recorded (i am very new to this stuff as my question probably suggested). I think it works really well on Kaleidoscalp/Cuckoo Clocks etc.., sometimes it sounds a little artificial i guess, but overall i was totally impressed with the results.

I agree with you 100% about the live drums by the way, i don\'t know any drummers unfortunately so most of the time i just play my bass solo, or sometimes try to improvise over records and whatnot. Really i am looking to make some beats just so i have more control and can try some new ideas out. They won\'t have to be totally convincing, just enough to get the point across. I\'ll persevere with Reason and see if i can get some better results with practice, pro-tools looks to be way ahead of anything my brain can handle.

...Also while i have the chance, i\'d just like to say thanks for the music that you, and all the artists who have worked at your studio have made. The Thanatopsis records totally blow my mind, i can\'t say how much pleasure they have brought me. I really hope you guys can make another record in future as you just seem to get stronger with each release. Sorry if you\'ve heard that a million times already, but i could\'nt resist!

Thanks again :)
Greetings, can anyone tell me what drum machine software/hardware Big B uses on some of his records? I have recently started getting into some home recording for fun, and right now i am using Reason 3.0 which is great, but the drum machine feels a little lacking now. This may well be because i am the weak link in the chain lol, but i am curious to try out some alternatives anyhow.

So if anyone can tell me what he uses i would be very grateful, or if not just some general suggestions for good software or hardware would be great.

Thanks for any help!  ;)
Cool thanks for posting that Veruca, i knew i was probably being paranoid about it.

Although this does mean i have to spend more money now ;) (albeit not very much for 2 DVDs).
Sounds pretty cool, though i\'d like to know if Buckethead himself is going to get any money from this, for some reason the site just looks a bit suspect.

I have to be in the right mood for Inbred Mountain, but when i am, i absolutely love that record. TEMAC is easier to listen to, and it has a very distinct vibe to it. I can stick that on any time and as soon as Thai Fighters comes on i get the same feeling as i did whe i first heard it. Perhaps the album looses a little bit of momentum toward the end, but the first half is just incredible.
Cool i was\'nt expecting a new cd from this tour, that cover art is great :). I am in the same boat as you btw, i live in UK so no ability to get this unless it comes to the TDRS store.

Does anyone here have the CD? If so how is it?
I thought he was asking whether Ghosts of Mars was any good, my bad. I\'ve never seen Flesh For The Beast.
It was pretty terrible i thought. It did have Natasha Henstridge though :)