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Live unreleased is OK, Official releases are what we should not share or download. I made several attempts to get the Pikes off
Youtube but because I do not own the rights youtube will do nothing. That ha hurt Buckets Profits a great deal
Fugitive Formally Known As P4B say he is Down with buying one
Count me in for 2 at least!
I can not believe it has been 13 years on FeeBay (Ebay)! Today I will be putting up some pieces of my collection. Most will Start at or around Cost. So here is your chance to fill in some Wedge Holes! I met many Good people on ebay. Schmoe your one of the Best, Big Muff Fuzz (have not seen or heard from you in a long time, Hope you OK) and so many other Bots All over the World. One of the Main reasons for joining Ebay was to get Rare ans Out of Print Buckethead items!
My Ebay Page is

My credit card was hacked for the second time this year so I need some Paypal money to get me thru till the new card comes!
Happy bidding! Rob AKA Pigebear Keep looking I will be adding items All week maybe month. Some items I have more than 1. So if it sells you may have another chance. I will try to let you know if it is a One Off Item

Read more:
Great Find. Will follow. Thank You!
Our Prayers and Love for your Dad Big B. Sorry to hear, Our Best Wishes for you Both!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / The Patrolman
December 21, 2012, 10:47:49 pm
 :o???Anyone else get chills and cry when they listen to this! Music can Heal The World! I can not stop to think of the children killed in sandy hook by some A-hole who did not fit in. I did not fit in with all the jocks and nerds, But never wwanted to harm another. To all you who do not fit in with what you see on tv. Do not feel alone. Alll the" people"on tv are fake and need to get help! We all (the goood people) need to get together And Get Rid Of The Bad in this world!
Sounds Like Envy....   OR THAT GREEN MONSTER!!!!
Happy B Day! You make Life worth living!!!!!!!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / New pikes ?
April 25, 2012, 06:50:18 pm
it says it a new pikes but i do not see it on the site. Sounds Fake to me!

here is what it said

Balloon Cement
latest pike to be included into buckethead's ever growing
collection. 12 tracks of insane turbo thrashing spiral bending insanity!
heres the tracklist...

1. Balloon Cement
2. Red Water Colors
3. Transport Void
4. Thistle Museum
5. Alligator Eye Viewer
6. Veil of Tinfoil
7. Chestplate
8. Vast Mound
9. Replacement Nail
10. Shatter Shell
11. Bridge to Borg
12. Evaporate
QuoteBootleggers are the ones that make downloading music fucked up. People that make,buy or sell bootlegs are the real crooks. The people that download music have no intention of buying music. I agree it is dumb. But music lovers and collectors alike are what keeps the industry afloat. And i wont lie if i just ordered an LP in the mail. I\'ll download it so i have it on my PC. Cause i don\'t want to rip it from LP to PC. People need to realize that SOPA has more to do with them getting one step closer to controlling our every move then it does with copyright laws. Thats just the easy way for them to get the support they need. Our freedom is controlled by the options were given. And they take them away ALL THE TIME.

People who make bootlegs from artist that allow filming or recordings (Like Bckethead and Primus) are not the same as the Assholes selling there recordings! Tradeing free on torrent sites of these allowed shows is not the problem. Paint me with a broad brush stroke and I do the same to you!
P.S. If Stuck up Pricks like maynard think it is ok to charge 100$ a ticket for their show then I desrve to be able to record the music. "Once it hits the air it is free for all to share!" Quote me !
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Next Binge Day
September 02, 2011, 03:15:53 pm
Just wanted to know when the next bing day will be. I missed the last one! now i have some bucks for Buckethead saved. Hope soon! Happy Late B-day Travis!
I found this on ebay!
Any idea what the Hell this is
Has anyone else stumbled on this?

It says Skovbo (CD) with Bucket and Viggo Sold buy TDRS but when you click to buy it comes up with Pandemonium from America!
Wierd is there a Skovbo (CD)?

If anyone would know it would be Travis....