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General Discussion / Getcher Cornbugs Here!
March 30, 2019, 12:38:46 pm
I\'ve got plans for a really great gift for Buckethead on his next tour - due to lack of materials, and other reasons, I\'ll be listing all my cornbugs CD\'s, DVD\'s autographed this & that\'s posters, etc. on ebay. 

Not sure if it\'ll be individually or as a collection...  What do you think would be coolest?

I\'ll put up a link soon.
Hi there My name is Orlapan
I was playing a bit the other night when I touched the rim around the neck pickup and Ann Coulter started talking out of my amp. I don\'t know whose show she was on as I moved my hand away pretty quick. Of course it had to be loud too so was like a bit of a shock! I don\'t know. I am not sure if the amp will ever sound the same now. Just what do I do now eh? Exorcism?