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I think it's safe to say at this point that he's shooting for 13 Pikes.
Can't wait to check out this new stuff.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he used the exact same drum track for each pair, maybe with slight alterations.
I didn't even notice the Dummy Egg similarity, nice catch.

Do you think the Pikes series will end up having 13 albums to it? Already halfway there now.
It took me a month to realize it, but there are a few interesting things about this album.
I heard a part in "Mannequins Are My Friend" that sounds like it's straight out of "Brewer in the Air".
Buckethead already has a "Hatchet" (Deli Creeps) and a "Counter Clockwise" (Thanatopsis).
And tracks 3 & 7 and tracks 8 & 10 have something...similar about them if you listen closely.