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i'm down for a copy and 1 for peppers ghost. i've bought all the cds off this site that i like from BH and paid over 100$ so my word is good. if a preorder pay now were in state to get em repressed, i'd do it. if that's the issue people npt paying after having said they would just have X amount of time for peple to pay and if the orders aren't don't meet the minimin requirment then call it off and never bother w/ it again. make us put the $$ were our mouth is.
i\'ll pre buy peppers and shadows. i assume you will post how this is to be done?
i\'m down for pre order on giant robot, shadows, and peppers. i posted an idea earlier, not sure if any of it was helpful or not. but if there is an official preorder, i\'ll rally up some folk to preorder, BH\'s the man!!!
hey, as far as the repressing of out of stock cds, iv\'e got an idea. a link is put nest to all of the oos items in a oos page. those interested go there click the link next to the item and then they are given the option to preorder. this preovides tdrs a email list. once the required # is met (a minimal # needed to do a repress) the people who expressed interest in a given title are all contacted via email to pay for the order, or possibly just pay for there and then when they chose to preorder? this would be an awesome change to the site.