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Quotewhy is CD-R different than a regular CD or what? im not really familiar with those differences.

CD-Rs contain computer data, regular CDs are generally reserved for audio-only, allowing it to be read by a regular CD player (like in a car). You can rip music off of either, but you can\'t play the CD-R in your car. That\'s my understanding, anyways. Someone please correct me if I\'m wrong.
Illegal downloading is not cool, broha.

Like I said before, I wouldn\'t mind the CDs coming in a little sleeve with the album artwork printed on it, like Spinal Clock. I, personally, would really like having decent-quality album artwork. But if CD-R is the only way I can get the music on a disk (I have had far too many computer crashes to trust downloads completely, don\'t want to lose all my Buck. stuff), then I\'ll pay for it and wait to get one of the original digipacks/jewel cases from Amazon or eBay when I have some disposable income. If I become a hard-core collector. That money doesn\'t go to Travis or Buckethead, though, which makes me sorta sad.

I was just brainstorming, It seemed like a better idea than my last one. I can see your pessimism but the optimist in me says otherwise. You\'re right that some details would need to be worked out. There could be 2 pre-pay options one for signed and one not signed. Those of us who pay for a signed one would just have to wait until Bucketheads schedule would allow it. But nothing is gonna happen right away - first Travis needs to raise the money, then order the cds, once he gets the cds some would be set aside for Big B when he comes to the studio next. It\'s just an idea that kills 2 birds with one stone, one being getting the out of stock cd and the other getting Big B\'s auto that many of us ask Travis for.

I agree, it\'d be a great idea, and I would definitely shell out the money because I love Buckethead & think Travis is a great guy and deserves the money. But my main concern is that if getting hold of Buck takes too long, people are going to back out of their orders.  D: Or people would complain. I mean, we haven\'t even gotten the track names for Happy Holidays yet. Perhaps it could be a request for people who don\'t mind waiting (hardcore collectors and the like)?
I just want to own the CDs, so as long as I get a disc and something to protect it, I\'m happy. Even if they came in the little sleeves like Spinal Clock. Whatever\'s most efficient for you is fine by me.

I would love a few things signed by Buckethead but he\'s touring right now and I\'m doubting he\'d sign that many/just come at Travis\'s beckon call to sign things. Maybe I\'m just pessimistic. Who knows?
QuoteI hate shows in Dallas. Worst music fans ever. Last time I saw Buck in Dallas some asshole had his girlfriend try to steal bucks nun chucks. As a pacifist this is one of the only times I have enjoyed seeing a boot party.

Please make the drive to Cains Ballroom in Tulsa if you have a chance. Much more appreciative venue IMO.

*edit... SheMouse...i did not mean to implicate you by making generalizations about music fans in Dallas...I apologize.

Nah, it\'s cool. Dallas is pretty gross, and I try to avoid it at all costs if I can. Ft. Worth and Grand Prairie have nicer venues, but they\'re quite a bit smaller. I can\'t believe someone tried to steal his nunchucks! What a butthead. I really can\'t blame him for not coming back, then.

As for going to Tulsa... I\'m underage, can\'t drive, and my parents refer to Buckethead as "That chicken-KFC-face-guy you listen to", highly doubting they\'d cart me up there. Lol.

I\'m just hoping he doesn\'t "retire" from touring before I get the chance to see him.
All these tour dates and festival-spots are making me super sad, because I can\'t go to any of them.

I will start throwing things at other things or just be really sad if he doesn\'t come down to Dallas/the Dallas area.
A new day has been added!
Check the Tour Dates page to confirm.

" Thursday June 2, 2011

Wakarusa Festival

Ozark, AR
Visit The Venues Web Site"

Wooo! This looks promising. :D Now if only he\'d go somewhere accessible to me and not while I\'m in school....
I, too, was deceived! I was hoping there would be more! It\'s great to see that he\'s doing well enough to do Bella and all, hope he fully heals and does a full tour, though I can understand if it takes him a while.
That is one gorgeous guitar.

Wish I could buy one for playing rather than the sake of just having one, but I\'m only 5\'2. I\'m way too tiny. :P
 Aww. These are superb. Wish I had enough money to buy one or a few.
My vote goes to DisembodiedLoaf. Good job.  :)
Thanks, Deeg.  :-*
I received it in the mail (Thanks, Travis for everything getting to my house so quickly!). I opened it up and saw this lovely man staring back at me amidst the copious amounts of chickens:

Does anyone know who he is? I\'m insanely curious and was hoping one of you lovelies would know.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: This sucks
January 26, 2011, 02:50:00 am
That\'s an impressive collection. I\'m glad I\'ve finally seen that guitar! I was wondering who won it/what he drew on it and now I know! I wish I could afford such a nice collection. How long has it taken you to build it up?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: This sucks
January 22, 2011, 08:10:51 pm
Electric, that was one of the most epic posts I\'ve seen in a long time.