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This is a sweet album, Travis.  Thank you so much.
Excellent work, Travis.  An absolute gem.
I'm in.  Your whole idea sounds great, Travis.  New Thanatopsis is all the way at the top of my list of things that I want to happen.  Requiem - yeah.  Thanks, I can hardly wait!
Happy New Year, Travis!
Another very creative video, Travis!  That's incredibly cool.  This was a good song choice for you as a vocalist.  Really nice to see Mr. Stone on the cello, too.  In addition to the music, you get an A+ on imagination content.  The video is a blast to watch.
Yeah!!  Great stuff, Travis.  This is an inventive style of video and it's fun to watch.  Music = top notch, as usual.  I'm glad you are continuing with The Owl Dives music and your superb lead piano playing.  The stand-up vocals were cool, too.  You've got a very talented group of musicians and I'm in for whatever comes next!
In Studio HD Video / Re: A new space for in studio videos
December 03, 2013, 09:15:12 pm
Nice to have these all together in one easy to get to place!  Badger gives each video five claws out of five.  You rock, Travis.
I was listening to The Owl yesterday when, lo and behold, I find that Travis just installed cameras in his recording studio.  What a cool place.  I know the Axiology ten-year anniversary is coming up.  I listened to Axiology yesterday as well.  Do that a lot.  What an albim!   I'm not the only one who drools whenever the idea of a new Thanatopsis type project is mentioned.

However, check out Lindy and Travis live at the Guitar Merchant from May of 2011.  Then consider how much fun it wold be to watch them play The Owl live in studio.  That youtube feed is the only time I've gotten to watch Travis play the piano.  But . . . consider how powerful and moving his performance on The Owl is.  If it's ever live, in any format, sign me up in advance.
Good call, oldfolkie!  I was just listening to The Owl yesterday, hoping it hadn't got forgotten about because it's awesome, and thinking that I could have sworn Travis posted something somewhere about working on a further Owl-related project.  This album will be played at my house while the 2012 Winter Solstice is occurring.
Happy Easter, Travis.  I've got "The Owl" on again.  What a great album.  I never go two days without a listen.  The momentum of your vocals and piano playing and the sincerity and display of well-aimed intent behind the music has given me a real lift since the album came out.  One I needed and truly appreciate.  My wife, Seagulltron, told me to wish you Happy Easter or her behalf, too.
They treat you real good here at TDRS.  A free three song EP, then an early release of the whole project, then a signed poster - that's really cool - it came in a tube with no folds and it's going into a frame.  You're a great guy, Travis.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 24, 2010, 07:15:15 am
That Rocks.  Badger gives Jowaxe songs five claws [out of five].
It was mighty nice to get the whole CD today on advance download.  After many runs through the EP, I had just reached the point of \'got to\' hear what the rest of the album was like - and there it was!

There is a lot to this album from both the vocal and instrumental points of view.  Travis\' voice matches and enhances the mood and style and drive of the CD.  Good choice of vocalist.  Love the lead piano.  Lindy\'s guitar work is great.  He rocks, man.  I\'m wondering if Lindy will be singing the back-up vocals in the live performances.  Anyhow, the piano/keyboard and guitar facets really \'click\' together throughout the album.  A truly fine blending of talents.

This album can charge you up and get you going.  It\'s got great energy and has a rhythm and pace that doesn\'t let go of you.  No weak points, each song draws you right along.  I\'m eager to get the printed version of the lyrics.  Wonderful album and an exciting new direction for Travis!
Uh oh, maybe I have alternate universe Travis.  His personal site says this at the top of the page: . . .[bunch of numbers & stuff].  If you go to the \'Myopia Construction Kit\' post on this forum by Travis from 8/18/11, you can go in through the Kit department.
It\'s the new album from Travis.  The cover is posted on his website.  I recognize the new \'icons\' at the bottom of the artwork.  Most exciting.