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Yo, Lefty! Your art is outta control! Very very very nice! I\'m getting a buckethead tattoo in the next few weeks. Do you have a gallery somewhere online with buckethead paintings I could check out? Or did you post em all here and did I overlook a link? I want my tattoo to have him in his outfit he wore mainly before he switched to the plain white bucket and blue jump suit with his ESP guitar. I\'m notta big fan of the Gibson.
I think it,s the las vegas or florida (hard rock)

Painting the body with out the stickers and damage is fine

see if some one can re-make those stickers in vinyl

pm me your email so we can talk about payment and other details
See if you can get a blank from ESP and then you basically fill in the blanks (pick-ups, frets, inlays ect). I dig the pricing, 2k is not out of my budget. the 12th fret inlay can be blank mother of pearl, I\'m fine with that. I also want the damage to his guitar emulated with the paint job. Email the hardrock cafe and see if they\'ll send you pics. I will too.
What is the possibility of you building the fabled purple ESP MV-II? I mean, air brush the stickers on it, the whole 9. I am willing to send a deposit if the price is right.
Dude, you do beautiful work and I\'m not trying to be a dick, but... You may have copyright infringement issues if you paint a company logo that\'s not yours on an instrument you made, that profits you and not the company. It\'s like if I built a car from scratch and sold it (them) with a "Ford" badge on it, I\'m sure I\'d get sued. All I\'m saying is, you should look into it before proceeding.
^^Thank you. The sweep to double tap is a bitch to learn at first, but after the first few weeks, it gets easier. My right pinky had a mind of its own before I trained it. It used to go everywhere but where i wanted it to lol
Can you provide a wiring diagram and do you have enough parts to convert a passive pickup set up to an active pickup set up? I have a ESP MH-250.


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No we can\'t
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
January 22, 2011, 06:28:35 pm
^^^ I refuse to watch fox news... They are evil... I guess after hearing Obamas\' pre election speech and comparing it to the actual actions he has taken and efforts he has made. He has fallen short big time and that\'s truly a fact. I\'m over it and he will be gone next year anyway(I hope...). So whatever. No need to argue over this crap, because it will get us nowhere anyway. I should have kept my thoughts to myself... Peace.
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
January 16, 2011, 05:39:38 pm
Ya know, O-shit-head-bama has not fulfilled ANY promises he made and tried to make us a socialist country with his bullshit health-care plan for 2014. It got overruled by congress (thank god). He is a Muslim scum-bag and I can\'t wait for him to get the heck outta office. Bill Clinton was the last decent president we had... Don\'t bother arguing with me because I WON\'T reply. Bucketdog has spoken! Peace.........
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
October 22, 2010, 11:58:47 pm
I can\'t stand Obama. But I\'m def pro abortion, this world wayyyy overpopulated!!!!!!!! Population override!!!! Too many humans!!!
General Discussion / Re: favorite albums of all time...
September 16, 2010, 02:20:28 am
Ehh, to be honest. I can stop listening to buckethead, it\'s a problem (a good one though!)... I guess Jason Becker would be the other genius I listen to aside from buckethead. Jason is fucking brilliant! That\'s about it for now.
General Discussion / Re: Secret recipe DVD question!!!
January 05, 2011, 02:50:09 am
^^^ dude, you rock! Pass the mudda fuggin\' headcheese over here! But you\'re prolly right. He said he almost never checks his PMs. Let alone answer a silly question like this. I\'m really, really curious though.
General Discussion / Re: Secret recipe DVD question!!!
January 04, 2011, 03:56:02 am
^^^ I know, right? Maybe, Travis would be so kind to ask bucket next time they... Us bots are very curious.