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Who needs new material when you can tour?
I must say I love Slaughterzone Exit, probably the most frightening on the record. Watching the Buckethead interview in the park he was pretty creepy, talking about trapping people and feeding them dog food or somthing like that. Maximum Bob is scarier if you ask me, would love to see the two of them together again, if only...

Some sorta election thing, buncha crazy talk, I'd choose Rocky
Thanks! Pretty good
So I decided to look over some old CDs today and I noticed that the album booklet for Monsters and Robots CD mentions a track 13 multiple times, but on the back of the case it only goes to track 12, Nun Chuka Kata, and my computer only goes to that. Is there some hidden track 13? Or a misprint?
I declare good idea!
Happy Birthday Maximum! Missing the Deli Creeps
Unfortunately thats just too far for currenty car-less me
I\'d like to start by saying incredible work man, 2 albums all by yourself that\'s impresive
1). what instruments do you play
2). how long have you been playing
3). are you going to start a band (you should :)
4). do you play live and where

PS don\'t take this the wrong way you sound great, but try to be less of a bucketbot it seems you try to hard to be like Buck, I mean "A Spiders Crawl" really? and the "so and so VS. so and so" and your album picks Soul Reaper = Shadows between the sky
The CyberSlunk Funk= Giant Robot NTT

don\'t get me wrong your playing is great and talented and pretty origional I\'m just saying don\'t be over-influenced by Buck *take this constructively I\'m not trying to be a jerk* 8)

Poor guy, no replies :( I like it, abstract art is the best 8)
Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
March 23, 2010, 08:37:21 pm
First of all I would like to say I\'ve always thought of Ron Paul as an alright guy (even thogh I disagree with him on most issues) however;
    [i don\'t know about this one]
    [clearly a lie/misunderstanding]
    [ I don\'t know]

 ;) I didn\'t dwelve to deep into authenticity so correct me if its just BS ;D

Political and Social Discussions / Re: Obama\'s lies
February 13, 2010, 08:03:39 pm
Well put MB, but on another note does anyone know of a politition, or anyone for that matter who doesn\'t lie? It\'s part of being human. Also I know plenty of Christians who are pro-abortion, I also know Christians who don\'t stone gays to death which is what the bible seems to think is right along side no abortion. The bible is a book of morals to follow by, not a reason to let 12 year old rape victums die.  Personally I think Obama is the smartest man to run the whitehouse in my entire life (which consequently has not been too long). But hey each to his (or her) own opinions
Political and Social Discussions / Oil Spill
June 03, 2010, 09:04:48 pm
More of an oil leak actually, all over the news. It is just awfull. BP is handling it pretty badly. I\'m not to impressed with Obama on this topic either.  >:(Solutions? Got someone to blame? this is pretty important stuff I think they have a new "solution" but I\'ve followed the story pretty loosly. :-/
General Discussion / Re: favourite quotes
July 01, 2010, 11:05:34 pm
"Wouldnt you rather have your son be a drug dealer than a drug addict?"- John Waters