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Today, Chicken Noodles turns 5.

Lets enjoy this day and play Chicken Noodles loudly. 8)
hi Travis,

I was wondering what happened to the download store. I mean that i cant find some Buckethead albums there, like The Day of the Robot.

Is it something fixable or is it out of the download store for good?
the title says it all. At the end of "What The Hell Was That" there is a spanish voice citing some numbers.

As far as i could understand it says (3) 237(16 or 26)2454

Does it have some meaning or just sounded nice?

parenthesis means im not quite sure what number is the voice saying
I wish Travis and all the band of TDRS a merry xmas and happy new year. You have given me great memories this year (like every year) and i hope next year will be better for everyone ;D ;D ;D

(i know next year its gonna be great cuz of the new untitled album) ;D ;D ;D
hi, is there something wrong in May 1 i couldnt enter to my sesion in the site and now it doesnt show at all

i wante to say that a new update on Death Cube K new album Thorn From Black space is up

Rare Noise Records released their web page and as a preview of whats to come the put songs of the artists and Death Cube K is up

The new song is called "Watchers"
hi Travis, there is some information on the web about Bucketheads releases.

in there, someone writes under the name of Buckethead

and says that 3 new releases with Viggo Mortensen are going to be released on December, it also gives a name for a release:
- "My next album with Viggo is called Ramparts and it is based on a video game I had in my basement. You had to shoot cannons at a castle. Viggo got his hobbit friends to come and lay down some vocal tracks on some songs."

- "Bacon Flaps. I like it. That will probably be the title of the second, currently untitled album with Viggo due out in December. Viggo had a lot of lyrics he wrote about cowboys so I just totally thrashed to the lyrics and the result is nothing short of ball shattering."

- "The third Buckethead and Viggo Mortensen collaboration is untitled. It\'s all original love songs including some really graphic descriptions of sex."

it also states that he is recording with other artists also:

Recording two albums with Praxis, an album with Brain, two albums with Butthouse, bringing some Buckethead fingerwork to a Primus album, oh, and a solo album that will be in a limited edition set of 1000 and I will personally record each album individually. I will hand-write the liner notes and draw the cover art.

is any of that true?
hi Travis i wanted to know if theres any way we can buy a copy of the album Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse, like you did with Crime Slunk Scene like buy it in advance or something?
hi Travis and all fans

this just came to me now, i was thinking that Buckethead could release another Box Set, but not like In Search of The, well its like that but the twist is that it could be a compilation of all his work cuz Buckethead has a lot of fans but some of them like more the experimental songs, others the more slow songs, other just rock songs. It can also be done like ISOT, sell them separately.

Buckethead has a large ammount of songs of all kind of styles and i think that if thats too boring for the fans it could be done what Serj did to Enter the Chicken, add some songs from each style.

That would be a box set i would buy ;D, i think a lot of people would buy that.

Can someone backme up with that idea :P :P :P

other suggestions are :

A live CD
A live DVD
Just another CD

i need my fix of Buckethead

hahahaha ::)
hi travis sorry to bother you know but i developed a certain bond with Death Cube K recently (specially with Maggot Dream) and i started to ask myself when will the cd Thorn from Black Space will come out or what is the project status (you know like "we are working on it", or "Death Cube K is busy at the moment to continue the project")
becose i think some of the fans are interested on knowing about this.

or maybe the question isnt that one and is ┬┐Will Death Cube K release this album (if he release it) in the label?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / to Travis
April 20, 2008, 04:26:03 pm
hi Travis:

i was searching stuff and i saw that Nine Inch Nails released an album (Ghost I - IV) with a similar method than Radiohead. i was wondering if u (the label) will do something similar with a release next to come?

or is it   :-X
wooooo ;D

Serjical Strike decided to reissue Enter The Chicken and its comming out on april 8 with a new song called "Shen Chi".
now there is now actual information on the website of Serjical Strike but on amazon its starting the pre-orders:

also the last distributor (Towner Records) went broke so the new one is Lumberjack Mordam Music, they also have information about the album in their site:


good to hear Buckethead is releasing something this year (besides From The Coop and Profanation).

i hope Buckethead and Travis start working on a Chicken Noodles III or a solo album, a Death Cube K album or Buckethead for this year.
plz travis, can u plz tell us is theres a new Buckethead album being considerated to record, release, produce, anything plz.

now that From the Coop was released and i couldnt afford it now i want to save for a new Buckethead album.

and scince last year A LOT of albums were released i am starting to loose hope at least for this year.

plz, plz tell us if there another Buckethead album being considerated to release in a near future or a distant future
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Happy New Year
December 31, 2007, 01:11:38 pm
i wanted to thanks Travis, Buckethead and all of the people who make such good records at TDRS.

Happy New Year to all
i have been doing my hombework about buckethead i and found that the album Super Diorama Theater was never realeased and i wanted to ask maybe Travis could answer why was it never released?

Also if Buckethead i planning on playing outside the US in some moment?