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I\'m coming up to check out the show on Fri, the 15th of Feb.

Told the wife I\'m taking her to SF for a romantic, Valentine\'s Day weekend retreat.   "oh, look, Buckethead is playing."  he-he

So I already got tickets, but what I\'m needing a little help on is hotels. Can anybody recco somewhere that\'s kinda close to the venue? Doesn\'t have to be walking distance, but that would be nice. A short cab ride is what I\'m thinking.

I\'m semi familiar with downtown SF, but not that well versed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx, MRB
Anybody familiar with Malmsteen\'s Icarus\' Dream Suite Opus 4?  Epic guitar song.

This track came up on my iPod the other day while I was driving home. I hadn\'t heard it in awhile and as I listened I though, "This would be a great tune for Buckethead to cover." The ending even has that Exorcist-sounding acoustic thing, which is very Buck like.

What do you guys think?