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Happy Birthday Maximum Bob!!  A day late this year... did you celebrate for 2 days then? 
It\'s Lime Time

Your art, music, projects and links / WORDS
December 17, 2009, 03:38:19 pm

Every now and then words pop into my head and I write them down making poetry :)

I like this one - it\'ll mean different things to different people.  If read aloud the parenthesis would be an echoed whisper.

The Knowing

I\'m in love with somebody
I just don\'t know who
((((...yes you do...)))

We\'ll find each other (again) someday
I just don\'t know when
((( know...)))

The World According to Monsanto
From the movie:
Paraguay farmer Jorge Galeano, when asked about Monsanto soy beans:  "what we have here is an example of a GM extension of soy beans.  in fact, its a monocrop that destroys everything in its path.  before here, there were fields that contained everything that a family needed to live.  plants, trees, monyok, corn."  when asked if the GM crop can co-exist with the crops of the small farmers he replies "no.  we\'re sure it can\'t.  they are two incompatible models that can\'t coexist.  its a silent war that eliminates communities and families of small farmers.  in addition, it destroys the biodiversity of the country side.  it brings death, poverty, and illness, as well as the destruction of the natural resources that help us live."  

sheesh - finally, lets focus on gettting some good food into our kids and in their schools, and make healthy food affordable to all who choose to have it!!! i think it\'s good they have the sports backing... but sports are not the only way to get good exercise - walking, playing, dancing... these are all good ways, and... don\'t forget that most sports are heavily endorsed by SODA and other stuff we want to avoid - so lets get creative folks !!



FOOD INC is nominated for an oscar


it has been the best selling (and in the top 3) DVD in the nation for a little while now too - THAT is awesome - there is revolution in the air


I just cannot get enough of this! I really need to find a way to make this my life\'s work. It is so apparent to me that this is THE way to go. Such an obvious way to solve so many issues at once.

I read about Alice Waters in Chew On This and looked up more information about her and The Chez Panisse Foundation.  

You can read most of that part of the book on this link, scroll down to pages 247-251

The Chez Panisse Foundation - videos

Edible School Yard video tour


more info on Edible Education with responses by Alice Waters and others:

Political and Social Discussions / California Voters
January 22, 2008, 10:28:57 pm
i\'ve had a couple of friends in other Primary states who had trouble when they went to vote, becuase of how they were registered. if you have any questions about how you are registered or think you may want to make any changes, today is the last day for Californians.

peace yawl!
Political and Social Discussions / Loose Change
August 21, 2007, 06:31:31 am
hey Zeitgeisters, if you haven\'t already seen this, you should.

here\'s a link to the movie courtesy google.

choose love over fear and watch this, especially if you\'ve already made that choice.

i learned a thing or two, as have all my friends that have watched it.  it\'s a needed wake up call.
This is the best show!!  I love it.  My dvr would have cobwebs if this show wasn\'t on IFC every Friday night.. i think at 8:00pm.  There is always something intelligent and insightful going on and some freaky fun live music at the end.  CHECK IT OUT MAN
a little taste of the show opener.. "Teeing Off"
General Discussion / Good book anyone?
April 15, 2008, 01:13:16 pm
Fast Food Nation  

this link will give you at taste, but to get the whole order you\'ll have to grab a copy of the book.

this book has something for everyone.  sex, drugs and slaughterhouses... science, technology, disney, economy, agriculture and gore!  it really gives you some insight on what is and has been happening with the US economy.  a must read.,M1
General Discussion / Nonstop Dances to DubStep ReMix
October 24, 2011, 02:48:30 pm
Anyone who hasn\'t watched this yet, treat yourself. It is such a great reminder of how incredibly amazing each and every one of us is, and especially such an inspiration to the youngsters to always take it to the next level. This amazing dancer is NonStop, and there is nothing done to the video... no fast forward, rewind or pausing, it is all him and his moves. Enjoy!

General Discussion / Merry Christmas Everybody
December 25, 2010, 04:07:32 am