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General Discussion / On Writing Music
March 04, 2007, 07:03:12 am
I love music... I listen to alot of it, in all genres. I can\'t seem to get enough. And I can\'t help but wonder if I could write music as well.

I play guitar and have a basic understanding of music theory, but I have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually writing music/melody. I\'ve surfed the web many times and so far no site offers anything even slightly helpful. "Listen to other songs. Learn scales." What?! I\'ve done that.  Not helping.

How do you write music? Is there a good method I can use to get started? I hope other musicians read this, music is very mysterious to me.
There\'s so many crazy tracks on ISOT, I want to know everyones top 3 favorites!
But the big bucket finally played the Jordan solo LIVE

Wish the guy could\'ve recorded the whole thing, though....
And it\'s pretty awsome. I was wondering, who\'s the guy on the CD label? You know, with the glasses?
... sing on his CDs? I downloaded the preview files, and they were instrumentals. I was wondering if he actually sung, or if he just wrote the music. I thought I heard somewhere he was a good singer.