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I got my Dragons of Eden poster and it is actually 20x14.  I am just curious about whether the size has changed because it was listed as 10x18.
That way I don\'t have to try to get the shrinkwrap off.  I almost smashed Needle in a Slunk Stack out of frustration at not being able to get the darn thing open.  You\'d think they were worried about the CD running off on its own or something.
I was just wondering whether there was any word on when the two tour only CDs would be available on here.  Even if there isn\'t a firm date, I am curious about the general time frame.  Thanks.
I just noticed that the store says it is 29 non-stop riffs, but there are actually 49 tracks on it.
Are you talking about the Live @ Slim\'s disc?
I was curious about what it is like.
It\'s been like two weeks since the three CDs came out and he has yet to release something else.  I sure hope he is ok.
CS:  Volume 14 of ISOT with the note that it is probably the best of the bunch.  Crazy, trippy Acoustic Shards acid trip type track 2 and track 4 is a beautiful mellow wedge.

KNH:  Sounds like Electric Tears, Bermuda Triangle, and ISOT rolled into one crazy, mellowish spring roll of musical delight.

DTBB:  Right in line with EMAC and CSS.  If that is what you are looking for, what are you still reading this for?  Order it now!  

 I hope that helps people decide which albums are for them.

I get my DCK today and eagerly rip open the package.  I was kind of hoping for #159 as that is what I have for ISOT and I thought it would be neat to have the same number.  Anyway, I got #88 and on the cover Buckethead has written "Lynn Swann"!  I am a huge Steelers fan and had suspected that Buckethead was too, but this seals it.  He is wearing a Steelers jacket in his ODB tribute and had handed out Terrible Towels at a Pittsburgh show I went to, but handed out nothing Ravens-related in Baltimore the next night.  Now this.  I am absolutely thrilled to have this disk.  Thank you Buckethead!

I just wanted to let you know that a couple of people have posted on the Bucketboard saying that when they try to register on here the verification code is blank.  I figured they couldn\'t post to let you know, so I would.  Anyway, I hope you are able to relax a little (a lot) after the ISOT craziness.
I know I am.  If there aren\'t any, maybe we should name them.