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Greetings, can anyone tell me what drum machine software/hardware Big B uses on some of his records? I have recently started getting into some home recording for fun, and right now i am using Reason 3.0 which is great, but the drum machine feels a little lacking now. This may well be because i am the weak link in the chain lol, but i am curious to try out some alternatives anyhow.

So if anyone can tell me what he uses i would be very grateful, or if not just some general suggestions for good software or hardware would be great.

Thanks for any help!  ;)
Wow this CD sounds great, i\'m really glad that you and B. decided to take the \'Cruel Reality...\' sound a little further on a new release.

Just out of interest did you guys record this recently or is it something that you worked on a while back and just did\'nt get around to releasing yet?

Is there any estimated release date yet? and will it be coming to the download store at the same time? I am in UK and as much as i like to have physical cd\'s it will probably make more sense to grab it digitally.

Can\'t wait to hear it!