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Hey Travis -

As I have said numerous times - I\'m a huge fan of yours.  Iconography was awesome!  Will you be releasing any Cds in 2010?  Anything in the pipeline?  I\'m still waiting for BH and Travis live show.  Any chance of that in 2010?

I hope your well and I can\'t wait to see some new stuff from yeah!

Travis when a new BH CD comes out, how many CDs do you typically sell in the first week?  First two weeks?  First Month?  How long before the sales start tapering off?  Maybe use the sales from Decoding The Tombs Of Bansheebot as an example.  I\'m sure the sales are different for the experimental CDs like DCK and Kevin\'s Noodle House.

Just curious.
3 is probably the greatest dictionary/catalog of available music on the internet.  It upsets me that not all of BH and Travis CDs are up there.  Travis can you submit stuff to so they can regularly keep up with TDRS releases?  I think can only help with exposure, no?

Band Name:  Shine e
Album Name:  Light Years
Band Members:  Buckethead, Bernnie Worrel, Shin Terai, Bill Laswell

On sale at the bottom of this page:

Here is an update.  As of 5:42pm EST 78 people have said they would purchase a remastered Blueprints on our TK poll.  Here is the link:

Travis - WOW   :D :D :D :D

Can you give us any details on this?  Styles, collaborators ...  etc.


Travis - what mp3 encoder do you use for the Download Store?  LAME?